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Hin Yitian is a Chinese model, actor, and musician who rose to prominence in recent years as a rom-com hero in Chinese television series. His height helped launch his career as a model, and his subsequent success paved the way for his recent foray into acting. In the span of one year, Hu has amassed a large and devoted fan base, as well as a number of accolades for his work, despite his brief acting career. He has also performed the theme song for one of his most renowned television series. It was rumored that he was in a relationship; however, he is currently embroiled in a cheating scandal after rumors of his hotel-room liaisons with an unknown woman caused concern among his admirers.

Youth and Early Life

Hu Yitian (H Ytin; pinyin: H Ytin) was born to a Han family on December 26, 1993, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. In interviews, he stated that he was a popular high school student who was no stranger to female attention, even as an adolescent. Few details about his childhood have been made public at this time.

Although he majored in landscape architecture, Hu indicated he would have pursued a career in banking/design had he not been discovered and thrust into the entertainment industry.

Hu Yitian’s Career

1997’s ‘Happy Camp’ was the first television series in which Hu appeared as a guest character, at the age of four. His appearances spanned four episodes. After a lengthy hiatus from acting, he made his adult debut as the student Ou Jun in ‘Rush to the Dead Summer’ (2017).

This minor role earned him unanticipated recognition and led to a leading role in the 2017 web series ‘A Love So Beautiful’, in which he portrays the aloof romantic lead and genius-next-door Jiang Chen, opposite Shen Yue’s Chen Xiaoxi. The popularity of Hu and Shen’s pairing sparked rumors of a real-life romance, which neither actor has confirmed.

The 3rd China Pan-Entertainment Award Ceremony recognized the show as a ‘Top 10 Web Series’ and, during its run on Tencent Video, it garnered over 3.5 billion views, making both of its performers household names. ‘It’s a Dream’, the finale theme song for this series, was performed by Hu. Hu was a regular cast member on Zhejiang TV’s third season of the reality game program ‘Twenty-Four Hours’ from February to April 2018.

Hu was also approached to portray Hua Wuque in ‘Handsome Siblings’ (2018), an upcoming period drama based on Gu Long’s 1966 wuxia novel ‘Juedai Shuangjiao’ about twin brothers who are separated at birth and pitted against one another. Hu has stated in interviews that he is hesitant to transition from contemporary melodramas to period dramas.

Hu is also rumored to appear as Wu Bai in the 2018 drama ‘Go Go Squid!’ Details regarding this function are scant. In addition, his agency’s Weibo posts mention the upcoming release of two untitled modern dramas starring Hu later this year.

Awards & Achievements

Yu received the ‘Beautiful Idol of the Year award at the 2017 Cosmo Beauty Ceremony, garnering him a great deal of recognition in 2017. In 2017, his performance in ‘A Love So Beautiful’ earned him the ‘Most Promising Actor’ award from the Tencent Video Awards and the ‘New Generation Young Actor Awards’ from the ninth China TV Drama Awards.

Hu’s Personal Life

Although there have been rumors about the relationship between Hu and his co-star Shen, neither actor has confirmed the allegations. In a recent interview, Hu referred to his co-star as “plain” and speculated that she was cast so that admirers who were not “pretty” themselves could relate to her.

In June 2018, Hu was embroiled in a sex scandal involving internet personality Bei Ye Bei. He was purportedly captured on camera entering a hotel room with his assistant, where he allegedly committed adultery with his girlfriend.

Bei states that he deleted her from his contacts as soon as the video was disseminated; in response, she released audio recordings of him in bed with her shortly thereafter. In these recordings, Hu appears to discuss recreational drug use and labels his co-star Shen “ugly.” Hu has not commented on this incident, but he has nevertheless received significant backlash.

Estimated Net Worth

Hu Yitian is one of the wealthiest and most renowned television actors. Based on our analysis of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Hu Yitian has a net worth of $5 million.


Hu is reportedly one of the highest-paid media personalities in mainland China, with a 50 million RMB per project fee. As a model, he was featured in multiple Weibo videos. Capricorn is his astrological sign, while the Rooster is his Chinese zodiac animal. He has a mole on the top of his nose, which has become a fan-favorite characteristic. Hu has stated that, despite his initial distaste, he now appreciates its appeal.

Hu is interested in online purchasing, cooking, and crafting. His favored foods are fried chicken, pork jerky, and squid, and he reportedly made his own leather wallet. However, he dislikes alcohol and prefers his coffee with milk.
He refers to his followers as “Mahjongs” and desires to be known as “Teacher Hu” within this exclusive group.

Hu’s preferred colors are black, white, and grey, and he prefers romantic films to terror films. Hu is an ardent gamer who favors gaming over basketball. Soon, the actor hopes to depart from his rom-com roots; his ideal portrayal is that of a sick serial killer.