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The most popular site in the Middle East, “Huda Beauty,” is operated by makeup artist, beauty blogger, and vlogger Huda Kattan. She also runs a very successful YouTube channel. She is among the top 20 beauty bloggers globally and unquestionably the most well-known beauty blogger and YouTuber in the Middle East, where few women dabble in fashion and makeup. Kattan has various benefits that women born and bred in the Middle East are denied because she was born to Iraqi parents in the US and now lives in Dubai. She was raised in a free Western environment, where she had many opportunities to pursue her interests in beauty and fashion. She also had the opportunity to enroll in Joe Blasco Cosmetic School, the top makeup academy worldwide. She began a career as a cosmetic artist and eventually transitioned into the social media space before realizing that Dubai offered better job opportunities for her because there weren’t many beauty bloggers in the Middle East. Thus, she relocated to Dubai where she has since founded the cosmetics company “Huda Beauty” with her sisters in addition to becoming an incredibly well-known blogger and vlogger (she has more than 1.8 million YouTube subscribers).

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The career of Huda Kattan

The first paid position held by Huda Kattan had nothing to do with fashion or beauty! This well-known blogger and YouTuber actually attended the University of Michigan to study finance, graduating with a lucrative position. She desired to change her life because she was unhappy with it. She made the decision to enroll in a course at the renowned Joe Blasco makeup school since she has always had an interest in fashion and makeup. She credits this training with improving her life and paving the way for her future as a beauty blogger and vlogger.

In 2010, she launched her blog, “Huda Beauty,” and it didn’t take her long to become wildly successful. She had a distinct advantage over the other beauty bloggers who were mostly white because of her identification as an Iraqi-American. The raven-haired, dark-eyed beauty who appeared to be one of them immediately caught the attention of young women from the Middle East. Her blog is without a doubt the most well-liked blog in the Middle East and is also extremely well-liked in other nations around the world.

Huda Kattan began posting videos on beauty advice and do-it-yourself fashion hacks after being inspired by the blog’s tremendous success. As of June 2017, the vlog has more than 1.8 million followers. It quickly began drawing throngs of young women from all around the world. She discusses why she shaves her face to maintain it smooth and youthful-looking in one of her most watched videos, “Why Shaving Your Face is Awesome!” There have been almost 3 million views of the video. With over 9 million views, another of her films, titled “DIY Beauty | Toothbrush Blackhead Remover-BEST EVER?” is also incredibly well-liked. She is also very popular on Instagram, where she has an astounding 20.6 million followers!

Huda Kattan is not just a blogger and YouTuber but also a savvy businesswoman and the brains behind the wildly popular cosmetics line “Huda Beauty.” False lashes from the company are top sellers in the Middle East and are poised to take over Western beauty markets. Her father and sisters, as well as other members of her family, support her in running her business.

Individual Life of Huda Kattan

Ibrahim Kattan and Susu Al Qazzaz, two Iraqi immigrants, welcomed Huda Kattan into the world on October 2, 1983 in Oklahoma, in the United States. Her mother stayed at home to raise Huda and her four siblings while her father worked as an engineering professor. Huda was exposed to fashion and beauty trends at a young age because she had three sisters growing up. The girls would apply cosmetics to one another and experiment with DIY beauty tricks. Despite having a lifelong interest in beauty and fashion, she chose to major in finance in college. She even had a brief career in finance before being destined to become a beauty blogger and YouTuber.

In terms of her love life, she started dating Christopher Goncalo in college and wed him later. The couple’s daughter was born. The management of her Huda Beauty line of cosmetics is assisted by her spouse.

Huda Kattan Net Worth

American businesswoman, makeup artist, and beauty blogger Huda Kattan has a $560 million fortune. She became wealthy by founding the cosmetics company Huda Beauty.