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American actor Ian Michael Nelson is best known for his parts in the comedic series “There’s… Johnny!” and the films “The Judge” and “The Boy Next Door.” He has a brief part in the dystopian sci-fi movie “The Hunger Games” as his acting debut. The movie, the first in the well-known “The Hunger Games” film series, was a major commercial success and also received favorable reviews. He then made a brief appearance in a few episodes of the television show “Teen Wolf,” portraying a young Derek Hale. The sensual thriller movie “The Boy Next Door” gave him his first significant role on the big screen. Despite the bad reviews, the movie was a big financial success. He most recently appeared in the Hollywood movie “Like Me,” playing one of the lead characters.

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Ian Nelson’s Career

Ian Nelson made his acting debut in the dystopian science fiction picture “The Hunger Games,” the first in the “The Hunger Games” film series. It was adapted for the screen by Gary Ross from Suzanne Collins’ book of the same name. In the Hunger Games, a “fight to the death” competition where only one volunteer survives and prevails, 12 districts are required to send a boy and a girl each year.

Nelson portrayed the third district volunteer who was a guy. The movie was a financial success, making about nine times what it cost. Positive comments were also made about it. He appeared in a supporting part in the historical drama “Alone Yet Not Alone” the following year. The movie was a financial failure. Also, he made an appearance in three episodes of the TV show “Teen Wolf,” as the younger Derek Hale.

He played a minor part in the 2014 judicial drama movie The Judge. The movie was a critical and economic success and received numerous nominations and awards. He also played a supporting role in the love story “The Best of Me” that same year. The movie received unfavorable reviews and had modest monetary success.

In the 2015 American sexual thriller “The Boy Next Door,” he played his first significant role on the big screen. The Rob Cohen-directed movie was a great financial hit. With a $4 million budget, it brought in $52 million. Unfortunately, critics gave it unfavorable reviews. In the narrative, a young man becomes fixated on his neighbor after having a one-night fling with her.

He made a few appearances in the TV show “The Deleted” in 2016. The next year, he appeared in a supporting part in the comedy-drama movie “Freak Show.” Trudie Styler was the film’s director. The American movie “Like Me,” which was directed by Robert Mockler, then included him. He also made an appearance on the TV show “There’s… Johnny!” that same year.

Ian’s Individual Life

On April 10, 1995, Mark and Janie Nelson had a son, Ian Michael. Of their four kids, he is the youngest. He went to Forsyth Country Day School for his education. Subsequently, he studied screenwriting at the University of Southern California. His romantic history and dating habits are largely unknown.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-liked actors in movies is Ian Nelson. According to our research, Ian Nelson is worth $5 million according to Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.