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Ilya Ilyuk, a Ukrainian professional gamer better known as “Lil,” is Ilya Ilyuk. Participating in the multiplayer online battle arena video game ‘Dota 2’ has contributed to Ilya’s rise to prominence. His ‘Dota 2 gaming career commenced with the formation of the team ‘NVMI’ (Nam vezet – mi igraem) with other enthusiasts. However, his notoriety skyrocketed following his time with the ‘Virtus. pro’ team. The team, under his leadership, claimed the ‘The Summit 2016’ premier tournament. Ilya has participated in Dota 2 matches for Plasma, Team Ukraine Dota2, and ASUS. Polar, Odium, and Peach Bay, among others. Additionally, Ilya has played ‘Warcraft’ games.

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An Occupation About Ilya

The gaming career of Ilya commenced in September 2014. Initially, he devoted his full attention to ‘Dota 2’ events. “NVMI,” an acronym for “Nam vezet – mi igraem” (meaning “we’re fortunate – we’re playing,” was his inaugural group. The group was founded by ‘Dota’ players DkPhobos, Goblak, Illidan, and Ilya in August 2014. The team’s objective was to enlist youthful and unprofessional athletes. By triumphing over ‘Natus Vincere’ in the championship round, the group earned the top spot in ‘Season 1 of the Game Show League.’ This marked the debut accomplishment of ‘NVMI’. A contract was executed between ‘NVMI’ and ‘Virtus. pro,’ a reputable Russian e-sports organization, in September of that year.

The name of Ilya’s squad competing for ‘Virtus. pro-Polar’ was ‘ASUS.Polar.’ The ‘Esportal Dota 2 League’ and the ‘DreamLeague Season 3’ were both won by ‘ASUS.Polar’ on April 15, 2015. Subsequently, Ilya’s squad finished fifth to sixth place at the largest tournament of the year, “The International 2015.” By year’s end, Ilya had attained the position of vice-champion in ‘The Summit 4.’ He also finished as the runner-up in the StarLadder StarSeries Season 11 and the Dota Pit League Season 2. In his debut year as a professional, Ilya amassed an earnings exceeding $300,000.

Ilya demitted his crew in March 2016 to accompany ‘Polarity.’ His squad was ultimately unable to qualify for “The International 2016.” As a consequence of this setback, the team dissolved. That August, Ilya became a member of the redesigned ‘Virtus. pro’ lineup. The team achieved qualification for all high-level tournaments within a month. It was awarded “The Summit (6)” and “BTS Europe #4.” Ilya, representing the ‘VP.G2A,’ competed in ‘The Boston Major 2016’ and achieved positions 5th through 8th. Ilya was a November addition to ‘Ukraine Dota2.’ He continues to be a participant in the group.

After relocating from ‘Virtus. pro’ in January 2018, Ilya became a member of ‘Natus Vincere.’ Following his September 2018 departure, he joined ‘Odium.’ Team ‘The Dota Pro Circuit 2018-19’ was the organization that Ilya founded in preparation for the competition. The dissolution of the organization occurred on October 3, 2018. Ilya then became a support member of the ‘Peach Bay crew. Because of his gaming tricks, Ilya has acquired notoriety. He is renowned for his propensity to drop items frequently and for purchasing peculiar objects in the game at precisely the right moments. Additionally, Ilya is well-known on Twitter, where he frequently makes bold claims about his team’s rivals.

Individual Life About Ilya

Ilya Ilyuk was born in Ukraine on December 24, 1995. Additionally, Ilya has resided in Moscow, Russia. In his newly acquired apartment in Kyiv, the capital and most populous city of Ukraine, he resides with his companion. Ilya is an avid moviegoer, but she rarely attends films afternoon.

Estimated Net Worth

Ilya is one of the wealthiest Ukrainian eSports players. Based on our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Ilya Ilyuk has an estimated net worth of $5 million.