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An American YouTuber named iMAV3RIQ specializes in posting videos about Madden and NBA 2K, with a particular emphasis on Madden Ultimate Team. In addition, he posts Grand Theft Auto videos on his other channel, “iMAVERIQ,” which has gameplays, hilarious moments, and walkthroughs. iMAV3RIQ is one of the most well-known figures among YouTube gamers who specialize in Madden and NBA 2K. He is an incredibly clever and imaginative gamer. He has a sizable fan base on Twitch and is very well-known there. The gamer is an expert player of video games and firmly believes in producing original and engaging material for his audience. Known for his warmth and sense of humor, he strives to keep his audience interested by offering engaging information. Beneath his exterior, iMAV3RIQ is a fully committed family man. He has three small children and is married. Despite having a very demanding business as a YouTuber, he prioritizes spending time with his family.

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iMAV3RIQ Ascent to Fame

The primary channel of iMAV3RIQ was released on October 6, 2011. Ever since, he has shared a lot of stuff, mostly gameplays, pack opens, and walkthroughs for the video games Madden and NBA 2K. In addition, he has other movies on other games, such as Call of Duty (COD) and Battlefield 3. His gaming videos are all really entertaining to watch. For those who are new to gaming and want to learn more about strategies for playing video games, his channel is a great place to get information and amusement.

With its distinctive and captivating game programming, the channel has expanded quickly over the years. The channel currently has almost a million subscribers. As of November 2018, his most watched video, “Unbelievable Late Game Heroics – Madden 16 PS4 Gameplay,” has received over 3.3 million views.

Another well-known feature of iMAV3RIQ is its secondary channel, iMAVERIQ. This channel, which debuted on May 10, 2012, offers walkthroughs, GTA 5 online PS4 videos, GTA 5 humorous moments, GTA 5 “let’s play” series, and more. To date, this gaming channel has acquired approximately 500,000 subscribers.

Individual Life of iMAV3RIQ

On April 29, 1990, in New Mexico, USA, iMAV3RIQ was born. Speaking of his romantic past, he was in high school when he first made the acquaintance of Jazmine Williams, also known online as Mrs. iMAV3RIQ. October 20, 2010, marked the couple’s marriage. The couple currently has three daughters. iMAV3RIQ occasionally includes his wife in the videos on his channel. She was featured in the “Ultimate Patience Test ft. @Mrs_iMav” video. The wife of iMAV3RIQ takes a patience test in this vlog. This video was posted on October 10, 2015, and it has received millions of views.

iMAV3RIQ is a deeply devout individual. The banner for his main YouTube channel reads, “God First, God Bless.”

Net worth of iMAV3RIQ

The estimated net worth of iMAV3RIQ is about $1 million.