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The American actress India Oxenberg apparently participated in NXIVM, which has been labeled as a pyramid scam, an accused sex trafficking organization, and a sex cult. She had ties to the group for a number of years before her mother, the actress Catherine Oxenberg, came to her aid in 2018. Oxenberg, a Los Angeles native, had a rough upbringing despite coming from a wealthy household. In the 1990s, her father, William Weitz Shaffer, admitted responsibility in connection with a significant cocaine trafficking scheme. Oxenberg entered the entertainment business and made her debut in the 2002 television film “The Vector File” to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Ironically, she first encountered NXIVM in 2011 through her mother. She gradually realized the impact it was having on her kid, though. NXIVM’s founder Keith Raniere and associate, actress Allison Mack, were both charged with crimes at the beginning of 2018, which led to the closure of their business. Since then, Oxenberg has been spending time with her loved ones and close companions.

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Works of India Oxenberg

In 2002, Oxenberg made his small-screen debut in the telefilm “The Vector File,” playing a character by the name of Mattie. She provided a character’s voice for the video game “Starship Troopers” in 2005. In 2012, she made her acting debut in the comedy “Noobz.” In addition, Oxenberg worked on a number of productions for the Lifetime reality series “I Married a Princess,” which is based on her family. She worked as Pierce Brosnan’s assistant in 2013 while he was filming “The November Man” (2014).

Disputes and scandals

In 2011, under the impression that it would be a business skills course, Catherine brought her daughter to an NXIVM seminar in Venice, California. She reportedly wanted to support her daughter because she didn’t feel good about herself. Oxenberg apparently thought the group was “weird and creepy,” but she was drawn to what they have to give. She then got more and more involved with NXIVM and even gave them the majority of her inheritance.
Later, Oxenberg moved to Albany, New York, the location of NXIVM’s headquarters, and he further immersed himself in the company. She supposedly joined the sex cult as a slave and even got branded with what her mother claims are the initials of NXIVM leader Keith Raniere.

Catherine had long been apprehensive about NXIVM, but after being contacted by one of its critics who insisted that she needed to save India, she actively started to advocate against the group and tried to pull her daughter out of it. She was well briefed by the detractor about what was occurring to her daughter, DOS, who was a core member of NXIVM. In addition to branding, the women also endured beatings and an 800-calorie diet. They were also forced to deliver naked photos and record confessions concerning family members. They were informed that these details would be made public if they left NXIVM.

The family of Oxenberg also expressed their support for Catherine. In order to convince Oxenberg to leave NXIVM, her father emerged from hiding. ‘The New York Times’ and a number of other publications launched exposés of the group in 2017. A year later, allegations of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, and conspiracy to engage in forced labor were brought against Raniere and Mack. India Oxenberg’s mother claimed that India was safe and “in a really good place” in an interview with “The Sun” in September.

India’s Personal Life On June 7, 1991, Catherine Oxenberg and William Weitz Shaffer welcomed Oxenberg into the world in Los Angeles, California. Shaffer was active in her upbringing despite her parents never getting married. Because of Shaffer’s problematic past, she apparently was not allowed to divulge who her biological father was. Shaffer was hiding out in Germany when he first met Catherine. He admitted guilt to the allegations of smuggling many tons of marijuana from Thailand before a courtroom in Seattle, Washington, in 1992. Shaffer and other members of his criminal organization allegedly made $50 million from this endeavor, according to the authorities. However, Shaffer had been a good father and had attended Oxenberg’s first birthday party. In order for their daughter to visit her father while he was in jail, Catherine would drive her there.

The House of Karageorgevich, the former dynasty of the Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, is related to Oxenberg through her mother. Elizabeth, a Yugoslavian princess, is her maternal grandmother. In the 1980s and 1990s, Catherine enjoyed success as an actor. In the ABC prime time soap opera “Dynasty” (1984–86), she played Amanda Carrington, one of her most well-known characters. Later on, Karen Cellini was cast in the position.

Through her mother’s union with the actor Casper Van Dien, Oxenberg is related to Maya Van Dien and Celeste Van Dien. According to rumors, she dated musician Hudson Franzoni.

Net worth of India Oxenberg

The estimated net worth of India Oxenberg is about $1 million.