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Nick is well-known for being one of the more well-liked YouTubers on social media, having amassed approximately 500,000 subscribers. He is most known for his (now TikTok) reaction vlogs, in which he tests DIYs and takes on challenges while injecting humor into the mix. His films are sincere and funny, and his fan base appears to be expanding daily. He is a bilingual vlogger with 486.1K Famebit fans who have seen over 137 of his videos, totaling 30.21 million views. We can simply infer from it that he undoubtedly has a fan base on other social media platforms as well. He has a respectable 43.6K Instagram followers and 10.2K followers on Twitter. He may communicate with his supporters and stream live on YouNow as well.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

This well-known YouTuber only recently started posting vlogs. Since his video went live in 2014, it has only been two to three years, but already he has around 500K subscribers, and that number is growing every day. His movies mostly deal with video reactions, which quite a few “Musers” do not like. However, Nick, who isn’t afraid to admit that he also has two left feet, is unstoppable. He has a sense of humor and gets his audience to chuckle. His first video blog was a review of the Canadian breakfast restaurant “Cora,” for which he attracted over a thousand subscribers. Since then, the number of his fans has grown significantly. He recently posted a few movies with his mother and sister. In the past, he produced three to four vlogs per month. He currently posts videos almost weekly on Monday and Friday, giving his subscribers new content to watch each week. To pique the interest of his followers in his upcoming videos, he even tweets sneak peeks of them.

Why Nick Is So Special?

In addition to his appealing boy-next-door looks and contagious smile, his ability to make you laugh is probably what you find most endearing about him. Few people possess that kind of talent; he is straightforward and honest and will have you laughing almost immediately. He effectively handles both school and social media! He tweets occasionally about how boring homework may be, yet he is a smart student and manages to balance the two well. His videos feature a more relaxed appearance with unkempt hair and basic tees because he lacks any clear fashion statements. Nevertheless, he is the object of young ladies’ adoration and the idolization of teenage boys. He is endearing since he is amiable and upbeat.

Past Fame of ItsJustNick

He is currently a high school student. He attends school on a daily basis and takes math and theatre lessons. He adores his family and would always prefer them to friends. He has a lot of favorite films, including “Gone Girl,” “The Lovely Bones,” and “Scary Movie 4.” He enjoys all cuisines because he is a foodie and likes pickles. As crazy as he is, an orangutan is his preferred animal. He want to acquire a British accent in the future since he thinks it is sophisticated. He doesn’t go to the gym and isn’t a fitness freak; instead, he prefers to play traditional sports.

The Scenes of ItsJustNick

He was raised in Canada, where he also finished middle school. His parents are unknown, although he just posted a video with his mother titled “Teaching my mum internet terminology” despite the fact that little is known about them. It is clear from the video that the mother and son get along well. His attractive mother is immensely proud of her son’s success as a social media star. He has a sister as well. Although she has appeared in many of his videos, he has never mentioned her by name. She is around nineteen years older than him. It’s funny to see his film with her on the “Whisper Challenge,” which has earned over 16,000 views. He isn’t dating anyone, despite rumors to the contrary, but he put an end to those when he declared in one of his videos that he is content to remain single. He did remark that because he enjoys food so much, he is currently dating his “fridge”! He has a thing for Selena Gomez, a Disney star, and fellow “YouTuber” MayBaby.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated net worth of ItsJustNick is unknown.


Jacob Sartorius, a popular TikTok user, and he don’t get along, and rumors have it that Jacob despises Nick’s responses to his TikTok videos.