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Stockholm, Sweden
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Stockholm, Sweden

Iza Cryssanthander is a popular TikTok user from Sweden. She is most known for the ‘izaandelle’ account, where she and her twin sister Elle post videos. The two sisters prepared a dance routine with their friends and followers on a football field on June 20, 2017, and they broke the previous record for the most girls dancing in one TikTok video. The total number of girls in the video is 114, and it quickly gained popularity online. Iza and Elle’s local football team, IFK Stocksund, co-hosted the occasion. Additionally, she and her sister worked on a video with friends and TikTok stars Nina and Isa of the Isanina duo. As part of the #MultiplePhoneChallenge, one of their TikTok films that was inspired by Stien Edlund was used. They have extended into other social media channels including YouTube and Instagram as a result of their popularity on TikTok. Additionally, they have a Snapchat account, where they frequently gather fan questions for their YouTube Q&A videos.

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Become a Star of Iza Cryssanthander

Iza Cryssanthander and her identical sister Elle had purchased the TikTok app in the middle of 2016 because they felt it was a great and entertaining app. They had no idea that in less than a year, this app would make them both become internet celebrities. In December 2016, they got a TikTok account verification crown. When their football team, IFK Stocksund, offered them to participate in setting a world record in the middle of 2017, they leaped at the chance and gathered their friends and followers on the field for a TikTok video.

The dancing moves were created by the two sisters, who also shared their choreography on social media. They solicited participation from willing fans by asking them to sign up for the event. In order to demonstrate teamwork and togetherness, their football teammates were also included in the participants. They received a ton of admirers, views, and the world record for most female dancers in a TikTok video when the video went popular on social media. They acquired almost 3 million fans in a short amount of time. As their celebrity grew, Starflow began to represent them.

Additionally, the two sisters have a YouTube account that they launched on January 1st, 2013. On October 24, 2016, they started uploading videos to the channel. In response to fan requests, they posted their first videos in Swedish, but they have already begun making films in English and plan to keep the channel in that language going forward.

Individual Life of Iza Cryssanthander

On January 26, 2005, Iza Cryssanthander was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Elle, her identical twin sister, is one minute younger than she is. Lell and Stina are their parents. They also have a Smilla, an elder sister.

Iza and Ella both speak English and Swedish with ease. The twins’ fashion preferences and general taste in most things are similar. They are excellent dancers, as can be seen in their TikTok videos, and this is the main factor in their online success. In addition to dancing, they play football. Iza plays on the field for the neighborhood football team IFK Stocksund along with her sister.

Estimated Net Worth

Iza is one of the wealthiest TikTok Stars and is among the most well-known TikTok Stars. Iza Cryssanthander’s net worth is roughly $1.5 Million, per our analysis of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.