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Stratford, London
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Stratford, London

English rapper and singer Momodou Jallow, also known as J Hus, rose to fame in 2015 when his song “Dem Boy Paigon” became a huge hit in the UK. His following grew in 2017 after he released another song, “Did You See,” which peaked at number ten on the UK Singles Chart. On May 12, 2017, he published his debut album, “Common Sense,” which quickly achieved enormous success. Even though it came in sixth on the UK Albums Chart, it rose to third on the iTunes list. J Hus has worked with artists like Burna Boy, Stormzy, Ghetts, and MoStack. His public Instagram and Twitter account each have thousands of followers, making him a social media superstar. J Hus came from a lowly upbringing and went on to succeed in the music industry.

Early Youth & Life

J Hus was born in Stratford, London, England, on May 26, 1996. His mother, who is of Gambian descent, reared him. J Hus grew up listening to songs performed by the well-known Jamaican artist Beenie Man as well as African music, which his mother and stepfather frequently played.

J Hus experienced a challenging upbringing because he frequently got into mischief. He went to the “Eastlea Community School,” but at age 15 he was dismissed. Then he began hawking doughnuts at a premium in a neighboring playground.

In a subsequent interview, he claimed that he would buy a pack of doughnuts from “Morrisons” and then sell each one for 50p. J Hus sold his doughnuts for a hefty profit because the cost of the complete pack was only 50p.

J Hus began writing songs in the hopes of beginning a new chapter in his life. He wished to put the past behind him and begin fresh. J Hus began to record several freestyles and post them on various social media platforms with the encouragement of his childhood friends who wanted him to alter his ways.

J Hus’s Career

J Hus had a respectable start to his musical career thanks to the internet success of his friend-produced song “Dem Boy Paigon.” The song drew a lot of notice and was praised by critics. In March 2015, he worked with a musician by the name of MoStack to release their album “Westwood Crib Session,” which was preceded by the release of another song titled “No Lie.” He created the song video “Lean & Bop” in May 2015, and it also became a huge success.

He released his debut EP, “The 15th Day,” after releasing “Lean & Bop.” He released the single “Friendly” in 2016, and it was well-accepted by critics. J Hus became well-known throughout England as a result of the success of many of his tracks, including “Liar Liar,” “Playing Sports,” and “Solo One.” In reality, the British drama movie “Brotherhood” used “Solo One” as part of its soundtrack.

His debut album, “Common Sense,” which was published in 2017, featured the hit song “Did You See.” Both fans and reviewers gave the album, which included artists like Tiggs da Author, MIST, Burna Boy, and MoStack, positive reviews.

J Hus’s Collaborations

J Hus has worked with many musicians who he is friends with. While creating his debut record, “Common Sense,” he once more worked with the “High Street Kid” after releasing “Westwood Crib Session” with MoStack. He appeared in the single “High Roller” from Courtney Freckleton’s (Nines) first studio album, “One Foot Out,” which was released in 2017. The single “Bad Boys” from Stormzy’s debut studio album, “Gang Signs & Prayer,” also included J Hus. The song “Bad Guys” landed at position 22 on the “UK Singles Chart.”

David Orobosa Omoregie later included him in the single “Samantha,” which peaked at number 63 on the “UK Singles Chart.” J Hus collaborated closely with musicians like Tiggs da Author, MIST, Burna Boy, and MoStack on his first studio record. J Hus has also collaborated with record companies like “GRM Music.” ‘Black Butter Records,’ the label to which he is presently signed, is now a division of ‘Sony Music Entertainment.

Recognition & Accomplishments

His 2016 single, “Friendly,” was nominated for a “MOBO Award” 2016. His first studio record, “Common Sense,” received a nomination for the 2017 Mercury Prize in the category of “Album Award.” The record took home the “VO5 NME Award” for “Best Album” in 2018.

The same year, “Common Sense” received a nomination for “British Album of the Year” at the esteemed “Brit Awards.” J Hus was nominated for a few additional “Brit Awards” categories as well. He was nominated under the “British Breakthrough Act” category even though his song “Did You See” was submitted under “British Single of the Year.”

His debut record received a fantastic response from British listeners. Even though it came in sixth on the UK Albums Chart, it rose to third on the iTunes list. Numerous hit tracks from the album, including “Bouff Daddy,” “Spirit,” and “Common Sense,” helped to boost his popularity, but “Did You See” came in at number three and ninth on the UK Singles Chart and UK R&B Singles Chart, respectively.

J Hus’s Individual Existence

Momodou Jallow had no qualms about choosing “J Hus” when considering stage names because he had a reputation for being a hustler when he was younger. In his adolescent years, he gained notoriety for selling doughnuts at a premium and dubbed himself a “doughnut hustler.”

J Hus was attacked five times in London in September 2015. When he uploaded a picture of himself on Instagram while still lying in the hospital bed and making gang signs, he once more made headlines for the wrong reasons. Later, he explained that he was simply a member of a group of friends who frequently caused problems.

For previous crimes, he was put behind bars in 2014 and once more in 2015. He was able to see many songs played by Nigerian musician D’banj while he was incarcerated. Additionally, he was introduced to “Gangnam Style,” which was frequently played in the jail.

The American rapper 50 Cent is a big favorite of his. In reality, 50 Cent’s music gave him the freedom to leave his past behind and begin anew. He acknowledged that he had a short fuse and that this caused him to act in ways that he ordinarily wouldn’t. He says he is a different person now and is looking forward to a future filled with serenity.

J Hus is busy on social media, regularly sharing images and videos on sites like Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram account has more than 534,000 followers, compared to more than 244,000 for his Twitter profile.

Estimated Net Worth

J Hus has a $1 million total personal worth. What year was J. Hus born? J Hus is 26 years old at the moment (26 May 1996).