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American professional surfer and skimboarder Jack Tenney is well-known for running the “JOOGSQUAD PPJT” YouTube channel. In addition to pranking videos, he is well-known for producing, directing, and editing videos on extreme sports. Additionally, he co-owns the channel “Joog News,” which features unique content on video games and social media. Tenney has amassed millions of YouTube fans, making him one of the most well-known and prosperous YouTube stars in the United States. When it comes to producing unusual but amusing stuff, he is a true talent! He is a fantastic comic with incredibly sharp comedic abilities. Tenney enjoys engaging with others, which is why he loves to entertain them and create new acquaintances. In real life, Tenney has a very strong personality. He has decided to pursue a career as a YouTuber and partake in extreme sports because he thinks taking chances is important! Tenney participated in Season 13 of “America’s Got Talent,” however she was ultimately eliminated. He kept going after his passion with all of his heart, not letting this setback break him.

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Jack Tenney’s Ascent to Fame

On May 16, 2007, Jack Tenney opened the “JOOGSQUAD PPJT” YouTube channel. He started posting humorous and enjoyable videos on this channel ever since. He has shared several problems and practical jokes on it thus far. In addition, he has posted a ton of videos including his trampoline routines and “Top 10” rankings. Tenney, a skilled surfer and skimboarder, has also posted a lot of sports footage to his channel.

“Kids Drinking Beer Prank On Cops …”I Think I Smell Bacon” ft. FaZe Tfue – JOOGSQUAD PPJT” and “Line Of Trampolines To the Ocean” are two of the most watched videos on his channel. The first video is a hoax that stars Tenney and YouTuber FaZe Tfue, and it has received over 16 million views. Tenney and his friends can be seen having fun on the trampolines in the second video, which has received over 12 million views.

“Joog News,” Jack Tenney’s second station, is equally worthwhile to watch. It covers brief news items about social media and the video game Fortnite. The most-watched video on the channel, “Ninja Says LLIGMA Joke Has Gone Too Far,” is a hilarious one!Regarding Jack Tenney’s prominence on social media, as of November 2018, his channel JOOGSQUAD PPJT had around 4 million members. Joog News, the YouTuber’s second channel, has nearly 80,000 subscribers.

Individual Life of Jack Tenney

On November 1, 1994, Jack Tenney was born in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida, in the United States. He has a sister named Alexandra and two brothers, Turner and Pierce. Turner, his brother, is a professional skater, surfer, and skimboarder. We don’t know anything about his parents. His romantic history is likewise still a mystery.

Tenney gets along well with a lot of the popular YouTubers, such as Jake Paul, with whom he has done multiple projects. A video titled “Jake Paul Swatted Again!! 3 Days In A Row” featured the two at one point.

Tenney participated in Season 13 of the reality competition show “America’s Got Talent,” where she gave a performance on a trampoline. But later in the Judge Cuts portion, he was taken out.

The net worth of Jack Tenney

The estimated net worth of Jack Tenney is about $1 million.