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Medicine Hat, Alberta

Jadyn Wong is a Canadian actress, martial artist, and pianist best known for her role as Happy Quinn, a brilliant mechanical engineer on the CBS action drama series ‘Scorpion.’ She made her acting debut in 2006 on the Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated miniseries ‘Broken Trail,’ for which Academy Award winner Robert Duvall reportedly handpicked her. Since then, she has guest-starred on ‘Caprica’ (2010), ‘Rookie Blue’ (2011), ‘Lost Girl’ (2014), and ‘Spun Out’ (2015), as well as in the pilot episodes for ‘Stay with Me’ (2011), ‘Cracked’, and ‘Working the Engels’ (2014). She also had a recurring role in the Canadian television series ‘Being Erica’ (2011) and had a recurring role in the Canadian television series (2014). ‘Space Buddies’ (2009), the Canadian thriller ‘Cosmopolis’ (2012), the science fiction horror ‘Debug’ (2014), and the Mexican comedy ‘You’re Killing Me Susana’ (2014) are among her cinematic credits (2016). She’s also appeared in the short film ‘The Letters’ (2010) and the TV feature ‘Client Seduction’ (2014). She has appeared in the TV series ‘Scorpion’ for the previous three seasons, alongside Elyes Gabel, Eddie Kaye Thomas, and Katharine McPhee, and is set to return in the next fourth season.

Career of Jadyn Wong

Jadyn Wong had joined up for a local talent agency while studying business at the University of Calgary and frequently sneaked into auditions for the theatre department, but she was disqualified from earning a role after it was revealed that she was not a theatre major. Despite this, she was able to go through the first round on numerous occasions, allowing her to speak with the directors, one of whom urged her to pursue her passion. She won a role in the Emmy-winning miniseries ‘Broken Trail’ in 2006 after only six months on the job. She first auditioned in Cantonese for the position, but she was required to learn and speak Mandarin for the part. The miniseries gave her the opportunity to work alongside seasoned actor Robert Duvall, which helped her make the decision to postpone her college studies.

She only had a few guest appearances for almost a decade, including two episodes of ‘Caprica’ and six episodes of the Canadian drama series ‘Being Erica,’ where she played Rachel. Meanwhile, she made her cinematic debut in 2009 with a small part in ‘Space Buddies,’ and has since acted in a number of American, Canadian, and Mexican films. Her major break came in 2014, when she was cast as Happy Quinn in the American action drama series ‘Scorpion,’ which is partially based on the life of computer specialist Walter O’Brien. Even though her character is based on a real genius – who is, in fact, an older guy — the show took creative license in introducing her in his place.

Scandals & Controversies

While Jadyn Wong prefers to keep her personal life secret, after her character in the television series “Scorpion” married and had a child, many of her admirers began to wonder if there was any link between her onscreen part and her real life status. Some of her own social media posts, in which she regularly mentioned childcare and included photographs of dogs, fueled the assumptions. While it was quickly apparent that she was just babysitting her friends’ pets, some admirers began to read more into her posts than she probably intended: some speculated that she was method playing her character in the TV show, while others speculated that it could be a hint at something in her life.

Personal Experiences of Jadyn Wong

Jadyn Wong was born on May 11, 1985, in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, as Kristianna Jesse Wong. Her parents had moved to the United States from Hong Kong and opened a restaurant. She joined in a theatre class in junior high school at the age of 12 to overcome her shyness. She took up karate as a hobby when she was younger and eventually got a black belt. She has also studied classical piano. She attended Medicine Hat High School and subsequently enrolled in a commerce course at the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business, but walked out before completing her degree after landing a role in ‘Broken Trail.’

She eventually relocated to Vancouver, where she earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia. While she is presently starring in the action drama ‘Scorpion,’ her karate skills have not yet been put to use in stunts. She enjoys meeting her fans at Comic-Con, but she claims she isn’t a sci-fi lover because she hasn’t seen any of the ‘Star Trek’ or ‘Star Wars’ films. She currently splits her time between Toronto and Los Angeles in order to fulfill her acting obligations.

Jadyn Wong’s Salary & Net Worth

The actress, who debuted in 2006, has had a good run in the movies and has amassed a respectable net worth. Her estimated net worth is in the millions of dollars. Other tabloids, on the other hand, claim that her net worth is approximately $7 million. Despite the fact that Jadyn has not revealed his net worth to the press, she must be living a luxury lifestyle.