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If you haven’t heard of Jai Waetford, you must have been living under a rock! The next adolescent singing superstar is this 18-year-old reality star. Jai is a self-taught musician whose performances on the 2013 reality show ‘X-factor Australia’ revealed his love for music. His fame has only grown after his appearance on ‘X-factor Australia.’ He’s already released his first track, which became an instant chart-topper. The adorable face and cherubic grin of this Australian singer are a sight to behold! He has a net worth of 3.4 million dollars because to his already successful music career and his burgeoning acting career! Jai, with his laid-back Australian mentality, isn’t in a rush to become a super-star and is content to enjoy his ride while making music.

Career of Jai Waetford

Jai has been interested in music since he was a child, and like many of his classmates, he learned to play the guitar through YouTube. Until his father encouraged him, he had never regarded music as a professional possibility. In 2013, he auditioned for the fifth season of ‘X-Factor Australia,’ hoping to kickstart his music career.

He auditioned by singing Jes Hudak’s “Different Worlds.” He also advanced to the bootcamp stage after wowing the judges with an original song titled ‘Don’t Let Me Go.’ He breezed through bootcamp by singing renditions of famous songs including David Guetta’s “Titanium” and Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” He finished third in the tournament, behind champion Dami Im and first runner-up Taylor Henderson.

Jai has been concentrating on his music career since his X-Factor days. He signed a record deal with Sony Music Australia. ‘Your Eyes,’ his first song, was published digitally in 2013. The song was a tremendous hit, reaching number six on the ARIA Singles Chart and selling over 35,000 copies. ‘Jai Waetford,’ ‘Get to Know You,’ ‘Shy,’ and ‘Heart Miles’ are his four EPs released since then. His YouTube account has almost 20 million subscribers, and his most recent single, ‘Heart Miles,’ has nearly 1.7 million views. He has appeared as a recurring character in the Australian television soap opera ‘Neighbours’ on the Seven Network.

Jai is a very creative person who puts his heart and soul into whatever he does. He writes his own songs and claims that they are entirely his work. And he’s been doing it since before he featured on the Australian version of ‘X-Factor.’ He’s become a worldwide sensation since the release of his EPs on YouTube, not just in Australia, but also in Asia, Europe, and America. He’s kind and down-to-earth when it comes to his adoring female fans. He aspires to connect with millions of people through his songs and become a modern-day musical influencer.

Beyond the Notoriety

Jai has been dubbed “Australia’s Justin Beiber” because of his similar appearance and love of music. Jai looks up to Justin as a musician, but he’s determined to carve out his own path as a performer. Classic pop performers like Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson are among his other favorites. Jai says he’s trying with many genres before deciding what he’s most comfortable with. He’s only 18, so he’s got plenty of time to figure out what he wants to do. And we certainly aren’t complaining! He appears to handle everything with the same ease and zest, from lively to poppy to intense to quiet.

Personal Experiences of Jai Waetford

Alana Dow, Jai’s single mother, raised him after her divorce from Creedy Waetford, when she moved in with her parents Hannah and Roger Dow. Despite the fact that Creedy abandoned his wife and son, he still has an excellent relationship with Jai. Jai went to Campbelltown Performing Arts High School in his hometown, but dropped out in 2014 to focus solely on his music career. Jai is presently dating Carrington Durham, an American model and actress. The couple has been together since 2015, and their Instagram postings show them cuddling up.

When Jai was residing in Los Angeles, the two met socially and hit it off right away. They have a high adorable quotient and have even visited Disneyland. Their long-distance relationship is still going strong, with the couple traveling between continents to see each other. The couple Facetimes a lot during their time apart. In 2013, Jai was dating Beunka Nunez.

Jai Waetford net worth

Jai Waetford is an Australian singer, composer, and actor with a $3 million net worth. In January 1999, Jai Waetford was born in Campbelltown, New South Wales, Australia. On season five of The X Factor Australia, he came in third place. In 2013, Waetford got a deal with Sony Music Australia and released the Jai Waetford EP.