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San Diego, California

Jake Angeles is a prominent American scooter rider and YouTuber celebrated for his engaging content on his self-titled channel. His videos showcase a mix of pro scooter tricks, captivating vlogs, and impressive trampoline stunts, highlighting his exceptional talent and enthusiasm for exciting feats. As a skilled vlogger, Angeles delivers entertaining and enjoyable personal vlogs, providing a glimpse into his life. Beyond scooters, Angeles demonstrates versatility by incorporating skateboarding and hoverboarding adventures with his friends in his videos, adding an extra layer of awesomeness. His proficiency extends to vocal skills, with cover versions of popular songs contributing to his diverse content. Driven by ambition and determination, Angeles aspires to establish himself as a prominent social media influencer, consistently sharing a variety of captivating content for his audience’s enjoyment. In addition to his professional pursuits, he exudes charisma, confidence, and charm, accompanied by a crazy sense of humor. Angeles is known for infusing humor into his content, regularly cracking jokes, and fostering a genuine connection with his fans and followers. Grateful for their support, he actively engages with his audience, reflecting a sincere appreciation for the community he has built.

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Jake Angeles’s Rise to Stardom

Jake Angeles began his journey in the world of scooter riding competitions before venturing into YouTube in 2015. His inaugural video on the self-titled channel, ‘UnderGround Sessions | Call The Shots Ft. Cody Flom and Chris Farris,’ showcased him and his friends navigating Ronka Underground Skatepark. The subsequent video, ‘Trick Dice! PT. 2 With Tanner Fox,’ marked the beginning of a series of scootering-related content.

A turning point came on February 8, 2016, with the release of the video ‘Hoverboard VS. Skateboard,’ which gained widespread acclaim. The success of this video served as a catalyst, prompting Angeles to elevate the seriousness of his channel. Over the following months, he diversified his content, sharing videos centered around scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, and trampolines. From professional scooter tricks to trampoline stunts, Angeles’ channel offers a captivating array of content catering to extreme sports enthusiasts, including personal vlogs.

Two standout videos, ‘Hoverboard Got Us Kicked Out’ and ‘Knocking On Justin Bieber’s Door,’ have each amassed over 2 million views, contributing to the popularity of Angeles’ channel, which boasts almost 800k subscribers and millions of views.

Personal Life of Jake Angeles

Born on July 22, 1999, in San Diego, California, USA, Jake Angeles was in a relationship with Elissa Deheart from 2016 to 2018. Deheart, an Instagram star and YouTuber, first encountered Angeles during a Water Bottle Challenge video at Mission Beach. Angeles shares a friendship with fellow scooter rider and YouTuber Tanner Fox, collaborating on numerous videos together.

Net worth of Jake Angeles

The estimated net worth of Jake Angeles is about $1 million.