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Jake Tillman Foushee is an American actor, voice actor, YouTube celebrity, and social media influencer. Following a prosperous online career, he is gaining prominence in the conventional entertainment industry. Originating from North Carolina, he first rose to prominence through his presence on Vine. After the short-video sharing app was permanently discontinued, he successfully transitioned to YouTube. After posting a voiceover of Optimus Prime from the ‘Transformers films, he garnered widespread recognition. Since then, Foushee has appeared on numerous talk programs and acquired a representation agency. Several prominent YouTubers, including Sam Pepper, Jacksgap, and Joey Gatto, have collaborated with him. He still maintains a significant social media presence, with 404 thousand and 553 thousand of Twitter and Instagram followers, respectively. Even though he purged the majority of his YouTube content some time ago, he still has over 133,000 subscribers.

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Ascend to Fame

After adjusting to the change in his own voice and observing how entertaining it was for his peers, Foushee quickly created a Vine account and started uploading content. At the peak of the app’s popularity, he garnered more than 1.7 million followers.

His YouTube channel was established on March 16, 2011. Foushee was one of the few social media influencers to successfully transition after Vine ceased operations. He was also a member of the group of Internet personalities known as OurPizzaGang. In addition to Foushee, the group consisted of Christian Collins, Alex Ernst, Justin Escalona, Hudson Luthringshausen, and Zach Lilley between 2013 and 2016.

His resonant voice and diverse impressions garnered him mainstream attention. After one of his videos gained millions of views and went viral, he was invited to appear on “The Ellen Show.” He appeared on the April 25, 2012 episode that aired. In addition to being impressed by the young man’s aptitude, Ellen signed him with a New York talent agency.

Additionally, Foushee has appeared on Inside Edition and Good Morning America. Don Fontaine, the legendary voice actor, is Foushee’s inspiration and icon. From 2014 to 2015, he provided the voices for a variety of characters in the web series Sanders Shorts.

Jake’s Personal Life

Jake Foushee was born in North Catalonia on May 1, 1997, but has spent the majority of his life in North Carolina. However, he does intend to relocate to Los Angeles in the future. Luke, his younger sibling, has appeared in a number of his Vine videos.

As with most boys, Foushee’s existence changed drastically when he reached puberty. However, in his case, it was more pronounced and sudden than usual. Overnight, when he was 13 years old, his voice deepened. He used to sound like a typical child, but then he caught an illness. When he awoke the next morning, his voice had significantly diminished. Initially, he believed it was a cold, which eventually subsided, but his voice never returned to its normal tone.

According to his mother, Joanna, they were initially perplexed by the voice, but as it persisted, they grew accustomed to it. During his appearance on ‘The Ellen Show,’ he discussed it. His companions realized he had a new voice and frequently sent him to greet women with “Hey, baby.” They even compensated him for recording their voicemails.

Estimated Net Worth

Jake is one of the wealthiest and most renowned YouTube celebrities. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Jake Foushee has a $5 million net worth.