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Heresford, England
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Heresford, England

Jake Mitchell is well-known for the channels he uses to upload his own videos, “Jake Mitchell” and “JakesLife.” When he was only eleven years old, he made a film called “Nerf War Spy Film” that quickly went viral. It was one of the movies he produced with the aid of his schoolmates and his father’s computer and was broadcast on his father’s channel, “RJMLANDSCAPES.” When this film was viewed by more than 5 million people worldwide, Jake immediately gained notoriety. Because of the high caliber of work produced by such a young director, his films and videos have made waves in the social media sphere. Many well-known social media personalities, including the “Jake Boys,” Caspar Lee, Nathan Grinsdale, Sam King, and Jack Binstead, have made appearances in his films. Eloise, his sister, has appeared in a few of his videos as well.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

When Jake Mitchell was just eight years old, he began to create videos. In order to give the videos some punch as a story, he incorporated sound and music. He assembled a collection of images that told a tale using his dad’s computer, and then he posted the modified images to his dad’s channel. At the age of eleven, he began making short movies with the assistance of his schoolmates. The success of one of these short films propelled Jake into the ranks of aspiring filmmakers. After seeing success, he started the “Jake Mitchell” channel on June 27, 2013, which he uses to submit his films. He produced a video in September 2014 in which he spoke with Casper Lee. His 2015 upload of the film “Annoying Things Parents Do” quickly went viral, making him a household name among young people. More than 600,000 viewers from all across the world watched this video. He has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube, more than 435,000 subscribers on Instagram, and more than 217,000 subscribers on Twitter.

Why Jake Mitchell Is So Unique?

When he was still in school, Jake Mitchell rose to fame by posting YouTube videos that made teen life seem incredibly funny. At school, he was excellent at mimicking his teachers, and when he did so in his films, he made the kids laugh with his jokes. He resembles Justin Berber, another adolescent sensation who rose to fame after his amusing films went viral among teenagers. His use of movies to show everyday events in a highly humorous way has made him popular among young people, and the number of his followers is increasing quickly with more than a thousand new people joining in each week. Even though he is just sixteen years old, he has already established himself in the world of online entertainment.

Past Fame of Jake Mitchell

A young rising star in the field of filmmaking is Jake Mitchell. He has thus far managed to stay out of any sort of controversy. Since February 2015, he has been dating Saffron Barker, another YouTube celebrity, and they work together under the moniker “#Jaffron.” He is currently quite fond of basking in the joy of his accomplishment despite the fact that he is still too young for serious relationships. Additionally, he desires to visit many regions of the world to interact with his followers. He is making thousands of pounds for each video he creates and has future plans to feature more prominent people and bands in the videos.

Behind The Scenes

On January 12, 2000, Jake Mitchell was born in Hereford, England. He is the son of Rob Mitchell, who maintained the YouTube site where young Jake first posted his videos and short films. He then developed his own channel for the purpose, and he continues to do so today. He began making movies as a hobby and a way to kill time, but soon the urge to share his opinions with the world overcame him. His videos soon began to receive a lot of attention from viewers as they served as his primary means of communication with the world at large. Before he was fifteen, he was receiving enormous sums of money without his knowledge and making headlines. Additionally, he has an online store where he offers a variety of goods for sale to his fans and followers.

Jake Mitchell’s Net Worth

Jake is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. According to our research, Jake Mitchell has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.


He enjoys visiting various locations and speaking with his viewers in person.