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Chester, England

The British pop rock band ‘The Vamps’ has James McVey as their lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Brad Simpson, Connor Ball, and Tristan Evans make up the rest of the band. McVey released a solo EP album called ‘Who I Am’ on iTunes before forming the band. Bradley Simpson was the first person he met through YouTube in 2011. Tristan Evans and Connor Ball collaborated with McVey less than a year later, resulting in the birth of the band ‘The Vamps.’ McVey has a fiery personality that shines through in his music creations and singing. Owl City served as a source of inspiration for him. He has the looks to match his talent on stage. He is every girl’s fantasy, with six pack abs and a big grin. McVey is a person with a lot of ambition. He aspired to build a British pop rock band while working alone, and once that goal was fulfilled with the founding of The Vamps, he decided to operate a record label, which he eventually did and named Steady Records. McVey, who wants to go even higher, appears to be one of the most promising musicians on the scene.

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Careerof James McVey

James McVey began his musical career at a young age. Though most people know him as the lead guitarist and backup vocalist for The Vamps, McVey’s musical career began when he published his solo EP, ‘Who I Am,’ on iTunes. ‘For Sun and Rain,’ ‘Who I Am,’ ‘Move My Way,’ ‘You,’ and ‘Brightest of Colours’ were among the album’s songs.

McVey originally met Bradley Simpson on YouTube in 2011. Richard Rashman and Joe O’Neill of Prestige Management were already managing James McVey at the time. McVey teamed up with Simpson almost immediately after deciding to start a band. The two started writing tunes together. Simpson and McVey met Tristan Evans on Facebook in 2012. A common friend introduced the foursome to Connor Ball. The band began uploading cover songs to their YouTube page in mid-2012, which garnered them a lot of attention.

The Vamps released their debut original song, ‘Wildheart,’ in July 2013. The video gained over 46000 views on YouTube in less than two days. Following its popularity, they released “Can We Dance,” their debut single, which earned 1 million views in its first week. ‘Meet The Vamps,’ the band’s debut album, was released in 2014. On the Irish Albums Chart, it debuted at #2.

The Vamps started their own record company, ‘Steady Records,’ after their album was a huge hit. They released their second studio album, ‘Wake Up,’ almost soon after. Its self-titled first song debuted at #12 on the UK Singles Chart and #10 on the UK Albums Chart in its first week, selling over 27 thousand copies in the UK.

The Vamps’ book, ‘The Vamps: Our Story 100 Percent Official,’ was released in October 2016. ‘All Night,’ their latest single, peaked at #24 on the UK Singles Charts, #6 on IRMA, #13 on VG-Lista, and #12 on RMNZ at the same time. The song reached #72 on the Canadian Hot 100. The band’s most charting and certified single, as well as their most streamed song on Spotify, is ‘All Night.’

Behind the Scenes

James McVey was born on April 30, 1994, in Chester, England, as James Daniel McVey. Sophie is his sister. When McVey was four years old, his family relocated to Bournemouth, Dorset. McVey began his singing career by uploading covers of songs to his YouTube page. History was McVey’s favorite subject when he was in school. His then-girlfriend gave him a history book as a present because he was so enthralled by the subject.

He owns a ginger cat named Mickey, as well as a guinea pig. McVey has arachnophobia, or a dread of spiders, despite his muscular and sturdy appearance. The Lord of the Rings series is his favorite film, and Winnie the Pooh is his favorite cartoon character. He enjoys traveling, and his favorite places to visit are the beach or the wilderness. McVey describes himself as a self-obsessed nerd, and his nerdiest pastime is World of Warcraft.

Don’t be fooled by James McVey’s fantastic figure and six-pack abs. He is a self-proclaimed foodie who claims to eat more than anyone else in the band. He has a chocolate and cereal addiction. Sophie Turner, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, was once his girlfriend.

Estimated Net Worth

James is one of the wealthiest guitarists and one of the most well-known guitarists. James McVey’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.