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Jane McGrath rose to prominence as the wife of famed Australian cricketer Glenn McGrath, but it was her struggle with cancer and efforts as an activist and campaigner that cemented her place in history. Her life serves as an example to many others. Jane, who was born in England, met the Australian cricketer for the first time in Hong Kong. To be with him, she relocated to Australia. While life appeared to be going well at first, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1997. Jane, who was strong and resilient, refused to let the cancer overtake her and fought valiantly to overcome it. She was successful, and within a year, she was cancer-free, but fate had other plans. She was diagnosed with cancer and a brain tumor again a few years later, and she died as a result. Jane, on the other hand, did not act like a victim in her later years, but as a fighter. Despite her declining condition, she put her best foot forward and fought cancer with tenacity. She co-founded the McGrath Foundation with Glenn McGrath to raise cancer awareness among women, encourage them to get regular health checks, and generate funds to place breast care nurses in towns around Australia.

Childhood and Adolescence

Jane McGrath was born Jane Louise Steele on May 4, 1966, in Paignton, Devon, England, parents Jen and Roy Steele.

Later the Years

She worked as a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic Airways after finishing her education.
Glenn McGrath was the first person she met when she was chilling out in Hong Kong’s Joe Banana nightclub in 1995. They were so in love with each other right away that she left England to live with him in Australia after only a few months.

Jane’s life seemed to be going well until August 1997, when she discovered a tumor in her left breast that gave her pain and suffering. They were on the Ashes Tour together. Her fears were validated when she was diagnosed with breast cancer after a visit to the doctor.
Glenn refused to accept her suggestion to leave the relationship and return to England to deal with the matter alone. He pledged to be at her side throughout, assisting her in coping with the anxiety, anguish, and shock that accompanied the news.

She had no alternative but to undergo a mastectomy (breast removal), which was followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was finally declared cancer-free in June of 1998.

Jane’s own health problems had a significant impact on her. Despite this, she grew stronger and more resilient. She wrote the book ‘A Love for Life’ while in remission, and it was favorably received.

The McGraths, who have been married since 1999, began pushing for cancer research and created the McGrath Foundation in 2002 with the goal of assisting other Australian women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They hoped to raise awareness and funds for breast care nurses to be placed in communities around Australia through the foundation.

Jane was passionate about encouraging women under the age of 40 to take charge of their health by scheduling frequent checkups, as early detection means better treatment. She also held breast cancer screening camps on a monthly basis.

The joy of becoming cancer-free was short-lived. Jane had been experiencing hip pain and had a check-up in 2003. Her bone was found to have a metastatic illness. She was immediately treated with radiation.

Despite the fact that secondary cancer had gone into remission, routine scans in 2006 revealed new malignancies in other places of the body. By May 2006, she had undergone radiation treatment once every three weeks, resulting in baldness and sadness as a result of her baldness.

To make matters worse, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor was successfully eliminated after treatment. Glenn had continued his cricketing career, but due to his wife’s deteriorating health, he announced his retirement from the sport following the 2007 World Cup.
She went into remission again and continued to work as a cancer activist and campaigner, supporting women around the country.

Major Projects of Jane McGrath

Jane McGrath and her husband Glenn McGrath founded the McGrath Foundation, which strives to raise cancer awareness among women, encourage them to get regular health screenings, and raise funds to place breast care nurses in areas around Australia.

Personal History and Legacy

Jane initially met Glenn McGrath in Hong Kong in 1995 while on a business trip there. They met at a nightclub called Joe Bananas. The two clicked right away. She followed him to Australia to live with him a few months after their initial meeting.

The couple married at the Garrison Church in 1999. She had two sons, James and Holly, despite being advised that chemotherapy would make her infertile.

Her health began to deteriorate in mid-June 2008 when she got multiple unwell. She died on June 22, 2008, in her Cornulla home, with her husband and children by her side, after succumbing to cancer. Garrison Church hosted her funeral.

The Jane McGrath Foundation is honored every year on the third day of the first Sydney test match, which is held at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Jane McGrath’s Net Worth

Jane is one of the wealthiest flight attendants and one of the most well-known flight attendants. Jane McGrath’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


Even after spending her first few days in Australia with Glenn, Jane was unaware of McGrath’s status as the world’s best fast bowler. She merely assumed he was a popular guy with a large number of friends. Jane came to grips with his celebrity position when attending a party at a friend’s house.