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Jang Na-ra is a South Korean actress, musician, and record producer. She is well-known in both the Chinese and South Korean entertainment industries for her work. After the release of her debut album, ‘First Story,’ she rose to notoriety. The album was considered a flop, but it eventually went on to top several music charts and win her numerous honors. In the TV series Nonstop,’ Jang Na-ra made her acting debut. She then starred in the television series ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl,’ in which she played the lead character. The series received numerous honors and catapulted her to celebrity in a short period of time. She made her film debut with a role in ‘Oh! Happy Day!’ shortly after. ‘Fated to Love You’ and ‘Hello Monster’ are two of her most recent television projects. In both series, she plays a major role. Jang Na-ra is well-known for her philanthropic activities in addition to her contributions to film and television. She is well-known for her charity acts, which include providing food to hungry North Korean children and making donations in the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

Childhood and Adolescence

Jang Na-ra was born on March 18, 1981, in Seoul, South Korea. Ju Heo-Seong, her father, is also an actor. When she was a little kid, she and her father performed in the play “Les Miserables,” sparking an early interest in performing.
She worked as a model in television commercials during her high school years. She later went to Chung-Ang University to study Fine Arts with a focus on acting. She took part in a number of plays and musicals during her stay at university. Her graduation was significantly delayed due to her involvement in many activities. In February 2010, she received her diploma.

Career as a musician

Jang Na-ra debuted on the music scene in 2001 and quickly earned a deal with SM Entertainment. She was, however, dropped since it was anticipated she would not garner much popularity. Her debut album, ‘First Story,’ was released shortly after. Initially, the record was not favorably received. However, as more songs from the album were published, its popularity grew, and it charted on many occasions. She was also the recipient of numerous accolades.
Her second album, ‘Jjang Nara Vol. 2 Sweet Dream,’ was similarly a major success when it was released in 2002.

‘Sweet Dream’ went on to become a worldwide smash. The album went on to become one of the best-selling albums of 2002. ‘3rd Story,’ her third album, was released in December 2003. It was a hit, albeit it didn’t quite match the success of her second album.

Her reputation skyrocketed after the release of her fourth and fifth albums, ‘My Story’ and ‘She,’ respectively, in 2007. She has recorded a couple of Chinese albums.

‘Dream of Asia,’ her first multilingual album, was published in March 2008. She sang the Olympic Song ‘Beijing Welcomes You’ at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. She was the only singer in the song who was not from a Chinese-speaking country.

She returned to the music scene four years later, in 2012, with her digital song ‘I Only Think of You.’ In the same year, she released another Chinese album, ‘Love Journey.’

Career as an actor

Jang Na-ra made her acting debut in the television series ‘New Nonstop’ in 2001. She starred in the romantic comedy series ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl’ the following year. The series was a big hit, earning numerous prizes. In the same year, she starred in another successful comedy series, ‘My Love Patzzi.’

With her performance in the film ‘Oh! Happy Day!’ in 2003, she made her first debut on the big screen. Her fame grew even more as she appeared in other TV shows including ‘Love Is All Around’ and ‘Wedding.’ In 2005, she starred in the Chinese drama ‘My Bratty Princess,’ which helped her gain popularity in the country.

‘Good Morning Shanghai’ (2007), ‘Unruly Qiao’ (2011), ‘Baby Faced Beauty (2011), ‘School 2013’ (2012), and ‘Fated to Love You (2013) are among the other successful films she appeared in over the next few years (2014).
In the 2015 mystery thriller series ‘Hello Monster,’ she portrayed the lead role of a police detective. She most recently appeared in the romantic comedy ‘One More Happy Ending.’

Major Projects of Jang Na-ra

‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl was a South Korean television series that aired in 2002 and starred Jang Na-ra. Jang Ki-hong directed the romantic comedy series, which followed the narrative of Cha-Yang Soon, a modest country girl. From March to May of 2002, the show aired. Jang Hyuk, Han Eun-Jung, and Choo Ja-Hyun are among the other actors who appeared in the series.

‘Baby Faced Beauty,’ a 2011 South Korean TV series, is regarded as one of Jang Na-most ra’s successful works. The series, directed by Lee Jin-sen and Lee So-yeon, follows an aspiring fashion designer who lies about her age in order to get a job at a fashion company. The show became extremely popular. The series also featured Choi Daniel, Ryu Jin, and Kim Min-seo in addition to Jang Na-ra in the starring role.

Jang Na-most ra’s recent television effort is ‘Hello Monster.’ The mystery thriller series aired from June to August 2015, directed by Noh Sang-hoon and Kim Jin-won. Seo In-guk, Jang Na-ra, Choi Won-young, and Park Bo-gum were among the cast members. The series grew in popularity and received numerous accolades and nominations.

Achievements & Awards

Jang Na-ra has received multiple honors for her work in both television and music. She received a ‘SBS Music Award’ and a ‘KBS Music Award’ in 2001 for her album ‘First Story,’ and a Golden Disk award and a ‘Seoul Music Award’ in 2002 for her popular single ‘Sweet Dream.’

Her acting achievements include the ‘Baeksang Arts Award’ in 2003 for her role in ‘Successful Story of a Bright Girl,’ and a ‘KBS Drama Award’ in 2011 for her role in ‘Baby Faced Beauty.’

Personal Experiences of Jang Na-ra

Jang Na-ra is thought to be unmarried, but little is known about her dating life. Her agency refuted the claim that she was dating actor Park Bo Gum as incorrect.

She is involved in a number of charity endeavors. In 2007, she hosted a fund-raising concert in China for children with leukemia as part of the FHI Charity organization. She also gave generously to the earthquake victims in Sichuan, China, in 2008.

Jang Na-ra Net Worth

Jang Na-ra is one of the wealthiest and most well-known television actresses. Jang Na-ra has a net worth of around $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.