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Bernice, Louisiana

American reality TV star, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Jason Silas Robertson is also known as Jase “Duckman” Roberston. He rose to popularity as one of the main cast members of the A&E television series “Duck Dynasty.” He co-owns Duck Commander, a multimillion dollar manufacturer of duck and buck calls, with his family. As the company’s COO, he is personally in charge of developing new ideas, manually crafting each duck call, and ensuring product quality. In addition to his work in business, Jase was a prominent figure in the reality television program “Duck Dynasty,” which starred the whole Robertson family. The program rose to prominence as one of America’s most popular non-fiction programs. Jase, who is a devoted Christian, also thinks that hunting was God’s idea and believes in the afterlife, citing “Genesis 9:1-3.” He has frequently said that Jesus and his apostles Paul and Peter would accompany him on his dream quest. Jase is a supporter of charitable giving. He has been a part of the “Mia Moo Foundation,” a nonprofit group established in memory of his daughter, Mia, who was born with a cleft lip and palate.

Work & Fame of Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson discovered that his father Phil Robertson was the “Duck Commander” when he grew older and began attending school. Jase wanted to spend as much time with him as possible despite the fact that he was frequently busy due to running the firm. When Jase discovered at a young age that he shared his father’s love of duck hunting, he began going on hunts with him and even skipped school.

When Jase was mature enough to make his own choices, he joined his father’s company and began participating more actively in duck hunting during the season. Under the guidance of his father, he initially made duck calls and oversaw the quality. Under the direction of his brother Willie Robertson, the company expanded into a multi-million dollar duck call empire, and Jase began to assume greater responsibility. Later, he rose to the position of Chief Operating Officer for the company. He still oversees the business aspect of producing duck calls, including handcrafting each one and guaranteeing quality, in his capacity as C.O.O. The ‘Triple Threat’ call, which Jase created, is renowned for only taking two to three minutes to make.

However, his actual claim to fame began when he and his family began to feature in the reality series “Duck Commander” (2009–2010). The Robertson family was featured on the Outdoor Channel program. Jase Robertson was opposed to the idea of the program because he was adamant that a reality TV program portraying a family engaged in the duck call industry would never be a commercial success. He believed they lacked the drama, profanity, and conflict necessary to make it successful.

Despite this initial misgiving, the program was warmly appreciated by viewers and even gave rise to a spin-off in 2011 called “Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour.” This marked a turning point for the family and the “Duck Commander” brand since it paved the way for the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. It had an 11-season run after making its debut on March 21, 2012, with the episode “Family Funny Business.” On March 29, 2017, the final episode, titled “End of An Era,” aired.

The television program “Duck Dynasty,” which focused on the bearded Robertson males, their traditional Protestant Christian beliefs, family relationships, and humorous antics, made them all famous, especially Jase. Although Phil’s inflammatory and homophobic comments caused the show to be temporarily banned in December 2013, popular pressure led A&E to bring the program back. It became one of the most popular reality TV shows with millions of viewers per episode, bringing in millions from merchandise sales, sponsor endorsements, and ‘Duck Commander’ promotion. All of these factors contributed to Jase getting wealthy, along with the “Duckman DVDs.”
However, despite his success, he maintained his modest character, and he made significant contributions to society. Jase Robertson is not only connected to the “Mia Moo Foundation,” but he also contributes to organizations that support underserved areas.

Individual Life of Jase Robertson

Phil Alexander Robertson and Marsha Kay Robertson welcomed Jason Silas “Jase” Robertson into the world on August 16, 1969 in Bernice, Louisiana, in the United States. After his uncle Silas Robertson, he was given the name “Silas.” Jase met Missy Robertson on a fictitious high school date that was intended to enrage an ex-girlfriend. Reed, Cole, and Mia are the couple’s two boys, and they have been happily married since 1990. Alan, Willie, and Jeptha Robertson, Jase’s brothers, are all very close to him. He attended West Monroe High School before working for his father’s business, Duck Commander.

Estimated Net Worth of Jase Robertson

The estimated net worth of Jase Robertson is around $1 million.