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YouTuber Jasmine Clough is from England. She has a large following because to the beauty-related videos she uploads on her main YouTube account. She is also well renowned for being a skilled stylist and hairdresser. Jasmine also publishes videos about baking, cooking, and interior design. She has produced a few ‘YouTube’ series for her channel under the names “Florallifex” or “Jasmine Ane,” which are better known. In many of her vlogs, Jasmine includes her sister. Along with working with other “YouTubers,” she has. This has aided in the popularity of her channel. Jasmine runs a separate “YouTube” channel where she only ever shares daily vlogs.

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Fame on social media

Jasmine has always had a passion for cosmetics. She made the decision to become a fashion and beauty blogger when she was about 7 or 8 years old. A few years later, when vlogging and “YouTube” gained popularity, Jasmine made the decision to make her fantasy come true.

In April 2014, Jasmine started a “YouTube” channel, however, she did not immediately start uploading videos. In order to produce the best content, she put a lot of effort into research. 2015 saw the release of her first video. Her sister Sophie is also featured in the video. Sophie also soon attained the title of “YouTuber.” Fans can model their sister relationships after Jasmine and her sisters. Later, she started a show called “Sister Goals Dubsmash.”

At first, the channel emphasized fashion and beauty more. Jasmine later added variety. Hairstylist Jasmine is well-liked. For her channel, she has produced a number of tutorials for hairstyles and haircare hacks. She produced the “YouTube Whispers” series, which featured some well-known “YouTubers.” Sarocha B. was one of them. In August 2015, Jasmine launched her YouTube channel, “Jasmine Clough Vlogs.”

Jasmine is known online under the aliases “Florallifex” and “Jasmine Ane” on YouTube. She occasionally includes footage of Lola, her younger sister, in her vlogs. Lola occasionally assists her sisters in making videos for their YouTube channels. Trying American Candy ft. My Sister, PROM VLOG 2016, Radio One’s Big Weekend 2017, and “Come Drive With Me /ft. 20 Chicken Nuggets” are some of Jasmine’s most popular videos. The vlog channel has more than 53 thousand subscribers, while her main channel has more than 200 thousand. The number of followers on Jasmine’s Instagram page is above 118,000.

In the past, Jasmine worked with “YouTuber” RedHare.

Individual Life of Jasmine Clough

On March 29, 2000, Jasmine Clough was born in England. She has two stepbrothers in addition to two sisters. Jasmine delights in artistic pursuits like cooking and home design. She also excels in baking. One of Jasmine and Lola’s most well-liked videos is a pie-baking tutorial they once made. In “Café Memories,” Jasmine worked as a server for the first time. Jasmine is presently a resident of Yorkshire.

Jasmine is said to be unmarried. But she frequently exchanges adorable photos with a boy by the name of Callum Maxwell. She once remarked that she would have dated actor Leonardo DiCaprio if he had been a teenager because she has a celebrity crush on him. She also enjoys Cole Sprouse as an actor. Tangled and Mean Girls are a couple of Jasmine’s favorite films. She adores pizza with cheese topping and margherita pizza.

Jasmine Clough’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest YouTube stars from the United Kingdom is Jasmine. Our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Jasmine Clough has a net worth of $5 million.