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American businessman and former movie actor Jay Grdina began his career in the film business as an investor before going on to write, direct, and perform in movies. Grdina dabbled in a variety of business endeavors and career paths after graduating before investing in Michael Ninn’s motion pictures. Over time, Grdina gave rise to numerous Ninn-style flicks. Grdina was wed to renowned movie star Jenna Jameson for a while. Grdina continued to be the only man to star opposite Jameson for the duration of their partnership. The two started the entertainment business “ClubJenna,” which Playboy Enterprises eventually bought. Grdina wrote, directed, and produced several ClubJenna movies. He was the recipient of numerous acting, directing, editing, and videography honors. Among his other projects are the celebrity gossip website Kikster.com and the hangover cure beverage NOHO.

Early Life & Schooling

He was born John George Grdina on October 11, 1967, in Ohio, US. He came from a wealthy cattle ranching family that left Karlovac, Croatia, to immigrate to the United States. He completed his high school career at Cleveland, Ohio’s Gilmour Academy after spending a portion of his time at the Naples Christian Academy (NCH), located in Naples. After that, he majored in business and psychology at the University of San Diego.

Career of Jay Grdina

Grdina experimented with a variety of business endeavors and career paths following his graduation from college before entering the movie business in 1992 by funding Michael Ninn’s productions. After a few years, from 1995 to 1999, Grdina wrote and directed several films, drawing inspiration from Ninn’s aesthetic. Grdina worked on numerous of these movies as “Justin Sterling,” “Justin Fine,” and “Michael Santangelo.”

Enterprises in Business

He first met renowned movie star Jenna Jameson in 1998. Grdina thereafter starred in all of her films as her only male partner. In those movies, he performed as “Justin Sterling.” Grdina and Jameson started ClubJenna.com in 2000. In addition to other services, ClubJenna.com offered its paid members stock suggestions and marital guidance. Later on, the corporation expanded into the multimedia entertainment industry. It began by managing the websites of other movie stars before beginning to create original content in 2001.

“Briana Loves Jenna,” the inaugural ClubJenna movie, was also Jameson’s first film after her marriage to Grdina. Grdina wrote and directed the movie, which debuted on November 27, 2001, in the United States. Despite costing US$280,000, the movie made over $1 million in its first year of sales. At the 2003 AVN Award ceremony, it was named “Top Renting Tape of 2002” as well as “Top Selling Tape of 2002.” Grdina went on to write, direct, and produce several other ClubJenna movies, including “The Masseuse” (2004), “Krystal Method” (2004), and “I Dream of Jenna” (2002). He also starred in numerous of these movies. For his role in “The Masseuse,” he was awarded “Best Actor” at the 2005 AFW Award and “Best Actor (Film)” at the 2005 AVN Award.

Kris, Grdina’s sister, was ClubJenna’s vice president in charge of merchandise. Grdina and Jameson, who were already a couple, started trying for a child in the middle of 2004. Jameson decided to withdraw from the entertainment business after becoming a mother. Jameson stopped starring in Club Jenna movies, and instead, women like McKenzie Lee, Krystal Steal, and Ashton Moore were featured. August 2005 saw the launch of ClubJenna’s interactive website, Club Thrust. In June 2006, Playboy Enterprises purchased ClubJenna Inc. and its affiliated businesses.

Other Pursuits of Jay Grdina

In June 2010, Grdina started the celebrity gossip website Kikster.com. He released NOHO, a beverage that prevents hangovers, in December 2010. On June 20, 2011, he was featured in a CNBC story alongside NOHO.

In Behind the Curtains

Starring in movies together, Grdina and Jameson had a romantic relationship. In December 2000, when Jameson was still awaiting her divorce from Brad Armstrong, this resulted in their engagement. March 2001 saw Jameson file for divorce from Armstrong, and on June 22, 2003, Grdina wed the singer in a ceremony modeled after a Roman Catholic mass. The couple moved into a lavish 6,700-square-foot Spanish-style estate in Scottsdale, Arizona, which they had paid $2 million for earlier in 2002. The couple later moved to the small, affluent hamlet of Paradise Valley in Maricopa County, Arizona, where they now reside in a 10,000-square-foot property valued at $4.5 million.

In November 2004, Jameson suffered from skin cancer and experienced a miscarriage. After undergoing cancer surgery, she was unable to conceive once more. She filed for divorce in December 2006 and that was the end of Grdina’s love affair with the diva.

Though nothing is known about his personal life after splitting from Jameson, rumors have it that Grdina remarried after leaving the film industry. He and his spouse had two children together. According to reports, Jayden, one of his two children, was denied admission to Scottsdale Christian Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, because of his previous connections to the film business.

The net worth of Jay Grdina

The estimated net worth of Jay Grdina is about $1o million.