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French model Jeanne Cadieu is most renowned for her partnership with well-known American actor Jake Gyllenhaal. When Jeanne was seen hanging out with Jake in London in July 2018, she took the internet by storm. By year’s end, several media had verified Jeanne Cadieu and the “Nightcrawler” actor’s romantic involvement. Jeanne Cadieu has modeled for several companies, including “Rag & Bone” and “Etta Sabater.” She has also strutted the catwalk at international fashion events. She is presently represented by “One Management,” a model and talent agency located in New York.

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Childhood & Career

On February 8, 1996, Jeanne Cadieu was born in Paris, France. She grew up with Marion Cadieu, her sister. Her mother Julia Robert is a businessman, and her father Alain Cadieu is an engineer. Attending the esteemed “International School of Paris,” Jeanne became interested in fashion and modeling. Following her graduation, Jeanne began working as a model for different companies. She subsequently relocated to New York City to pursue a modeling career.

She has modeled for several companies, such as Rag & Bone, Etta Sabater, and Vogue Australia. Jeanne has also participated in major fashion shows worldwide, including “New York Fashion Week,” where she walked the ramp. She has also worked with well-known photographers and has been published in several fashion magazines. She is currently connected to “One Management,” a well-known agency for models and talent.

Connection to Jake Gyllenhaal

Jeanne Cadieu and Jake Gyllenhaal were pictured together in London in July 2018. Jake and Jeanne were spotted together in Greece in August of 2018. But neither Jake nor Jeanne disclosed their partnership. By year’s end, their relationship had been covered by several periodicals. Later, pals of Jake Gyllenhaal affirmed their connection and stated that the “Southpaw” star is sincere in his relationship with Jeanne. Even though Jeanne and Jake are 16 years apart in age, they are eager to move their relationship further right now. They don’t discuss each other in public, though. Jeanne Cadieu, like her partner, would much rather not discuss personal matters in front of the camera.

Jeanne’s Individual Life

Jeanne Cadieu enjoys studying the past. She enjoys traveling as well, and Los Angeles is her preferred vacation spot. She goes to Paris for the holidays to spend time with her family. As a model, Jeanne is concerned about her health. She enjoys exercising frequently, including dancing, yoga, and swimming. She works out hard at the gym as well, and she frequently uploads video footage from her workouts to her Instagram page.

Estimated Net Worth

The approximate net worth of Jeanne Cadieu is $1.5 million. Her success is evident in the fact that her main sources of income are from her modeling profession and brand endorsements.