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Jen Selter is a well-known figure on Instagram and an American fitness model. Her greatest claim to fame is that she was the one who popularized the term “belfie,” which is a play on the word “selfie.” A self-taken photo of one’s buttocks is called a “belfie.” Jen began her quest for health and fitness throughout her time in high school. She shared her photos on social media since she was frequently complimented on her body. Before taking her fitness seriously, she worked at a plastic surgeon’s office and a gym. She had been teased for her appearance in the past, which contributed to her fixation with fitness. After opening her “Instagram” account in March 2012, she gradually began to become well-known on the social media site. She currently has over 12 million Instagram followers. Her sister assists her in managing the numerous accounts she manages on “Instagram.” Over the years, Jen has been featured in numerous journals and publications and is renowned for having the “best butt in the world.” Over the years, her paid fitness sessions have grown to be her primary source of income.

Early Life & Childhood of Jen Selter

On August 8, 1993, Jen Selter was born in New York. Jill Weinstein, a single mother, raised her daughter in a Jewish home. She was raised with an older sister, Stephanie, and was the family’s second child.
Jen’s early years on Long Island were difficult. It was hard enough for her to grow up without a father. She also experienced bullying as a result of her beauty. She was usually crying when she got home from school.

She believed that, contrary to what her classmates said, her face lacked sufficient beauty. She reasoned that by wearing padded bras and crop tops, she would draw attention away from her “not-so-attractive” face and ward off bullies.

She believed her nose was large. She thus coerced her mother into letting her get a rhinoplasty at the young age of fifteen. She claimed that this minor procedure had transformed her life. She wanted to further accentuate her physical attractiveness. She began exercising and eating well, and ultimately she had the figure of a fitness model.

She worked in a plastic surgeon’s clinic and received cosmetology training after graduating from high school. A lot of people say she got plastic surgery to make her buttocks look better. She has consistently refuted these allegations, though.

Career of Jen Selter

Jen was always obsessed with social media. She used YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook frequently. Her goal when she created her “Instagram” account in March 2012 was to highlight her toned body.
She was not given much attention on the platform at first. She did, however, quickly start displaying her buttocks in side-view photos. Her followers quickly created the phrase “belfie,” which they derived from the millennial term “selfie.”

She became familiar with social media’s algorithms before stepping foot in it. She did a lot of research on the factors that led to “Instagram” celebrity fame. She devised her strategies to accomplish the same.
2014 saw her finally break through to prominence thanks to her consistent updates on her health goals and inspirational posts. Her rigorous exercise regimen was well-liked and contributed to her enormous fan base.

Over time, she created a few additional “Instagram” accounts after becoming overly excited about her success. She keeps numerous accounts to showcase various facets of her life. She has two “Instagram” accounts; one is dedicated to posting images of her partner, and the other to pictures of her dog. The soon-to-be-launched collection of exercise apparel is featured on another account.

Her social media accounts have all been incredibly successful. Her accounts received a lot of attention, so she began promoting products as well, particularly fitness-related ones.
Additionally, she has a partnership with the workout app Fitplan. Users who pay a monthly or annual fee can communicate with Jen through the app and gain information about her workout regimens. Her female fan base has made the app extremely popular.

She is also the creative director of the athletic jewelry company “ION Collection.” In addition, she serves as the global face of the video-sharing website “Peeks.”

She intends to soon introduce her brand of workout clothing. She asserted that the company would generate $5 million in revenue annually and that her social media branding had already made her clothing line well-known.

Through her well-known “Instagram” accounts, Jen has also promoted a large number of products. Among the businesses she has supported are Tarte Cosmetics and Nike. She bills about $15,000 for every advertisement that she does.

She doesn’t manage all of her accounts herself because of her hectic schedule. Her older sister Stephanie leads her close-knit and effective management team.
In addition, she maintains a private Facebook group where she hosts talks about her workout regimens. She uses the group to stay in contact with her fans. Every day, she updates all of her accounts with a minimum of one picture.

Individual Life of Jen Selter

Despite having a very demanding work schedule, Jen Selter is nonetheless quite social media aware. She makes an effort to respond to private messages on her accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. She is well-known for this reason as well.

Jen became embroiled in controversy in January 2018 after being kicked from a flight. She was on her way to New York from Miami. The flight attendant motioned for her to sit down, and she got up to place her coat in the overhead compartment. Five police officers eventually removed Jen from the airplane when an argument broke out. She captured the whole thing on camera, and the video went viral.

She loves the “New York Knicks,” a basketball team that she follows closely. She and Kristaps Porzingis, a player for the Knicks, have been romantically linked. She makes every effort to play in all of his games, although she has publicly refuted the claims and insisted that she is unmarried.
Being a major fan of Rihanna, she has stated that meeting her was the highlight of her life. She was asked to train Rihanna as well.

The net worth of Jen Selter

The estimated net worth of Jen Selter is about $1 million.