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Jennifer Beals is an actress and former teen model from the United States. With her role in the 1983 American romance drama ‘Flashdance,’ she rose to fame. Her amazing acting skills and gorgeous looks earned her roles in several other films, including ‘The Gamble,’ ‘Vampire’s Kiss,’ ‘Devil in a Blue Dress,’ and ‘The Anniversary Party.’ After earning both an NAACP Image Award and a Golden Globe Award nomination for her role, she went on to star in ‘The Gamble,’ ‘Vampire’s Kiss,’ ‘Devil in a Blue Dress,’ and ‘The Anniversary Party She went on to star in the American Canadian television drama series ‘The L Word,’ which won her a lot of attention and praise. She is also noted for her human rights activities, in addition to acting. She is an outspoken supporter of homosexual rights. She is also a talented photographer who has had multiple exhibitions of her work. She created a book about her time on the show ‘The L Word,’ which includes some of her images. In the year 2010, she was also the Grand Marshal of the McDonald’s Thanksgiving parade. The Chicago Holiday Association organizes and presents this annual parade. Her most recent big part may be seen in the TV series ‘Taken,’ which is based on the action thriller film trilogy of the same name. The series, in which Beals portrays a character named Christina Hart, premiered on the NBC television network in February 2017.

Childhood and Adolescence

Jennifer Beals was born on December 19, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Alfred Beals, a grocery store owner, and Jeanne Beals, a school teacher, were her parents.

Her father died when she was ten years old, and her mother remarried to a guy named Edward Cohen. Jennifer identifies as bi-racial.

She was motivated to become an actress while working on a play called ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ during her high school years.

She attended Yale University after finishing her studies at Francis W. Parker School, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in American literature in 1987.

The Career of Jennifer

Jennifer Beals began acting in films while still pursuing her school at Yale University. Her debut film performance was in the 1980 American comedy movie ‘My Bodyguard,’ in which she played a tiny role.

She starred in the romance drama ‘Flashdance’ in 1983. Her amazing portrayal as Alex Owens garnered her an NAACP Image Award and a Golden Globe Award nomination for her outstanding performance.

Two years later, she starred in ‘The Bride,’ a horror film largely based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel ‘Frankenstein.’ The film was a flop, and she was nominated for a ‘Razzie Award’ for Worst Actress.

She made her acting debut in the film ‘Split Decisions,’ a boxing drama, in 1987, after completing her studies at Yale. She played the main character’s love interest in the film, which was directed by David Drury.

In 1989, she received critical acclaim for her role as a ravenous vampire in the film ‘Vampire’s Kiss.’ Robert Bierman directed the picture, which was about a mentally ill man who believes he was bitten by a vampire, which worsens his condition. Despite its commercial failure, the picture became a cult favorite.

Jennifer Beals has appeared in a number of additional films over the years, including ‘Dr. M’ (1990), ‘In the Soup’ (1992), ‘The Thief and the Cobbler’ (1993), ‘The Search for One-Eye Jimmy’ (1994), and ‘Four Rooms’ (1995).

She was also considered for the character of Catwoman in the 1992 picture ‘Batman Returns,’ but she turned down the position.

She was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in 1995 for her work in the American mystery film “Devil in Blue Dress.” Carl Franklin directed the picture, which was based on Walter Mosley’s novel of the same name.

She went on to star in a number of additional films, including ‘Wishful Thinking’ (1997), ‘Militia’ (2000), ‘Troubled Waters’ (2006), and ‘The Book of Eli’ (2007). (2010).

Meanwhile, she participated in a number of television episodes and films, including ‘2000 Malibu Road,’ ‘Indecency,’ and ‘The Outer Limits.’ She earned the ‘Satellite Award’ for Best Actress for her role in the 1997 TV movie ‘The Twilight of the Golds.’

Her most notable television role was in the drama series ‘The L Word,’ which followed a group of lesbians, their friends, and their lives. For five years, the show aired on the Showtime television network (2004-2009). Her performance was well-received by the crowd, and she received two award nominations as a result.

Her popularity on ‘The L Word’ led to major roles on other TV shows like ‘The Chicago Code,’ an American crime drama TV series, and ‘Proof,’ another American drama TV series. Her most recent television role is in the action thriller drama series ‘Taken,’ which premiered in 2017.

‘Manhattan Night,’ a 2016 American crime film directed by DeCubellis, and ‘Before I Fall,’ a 2017 American drama film directed by Ry Russo-Young, are two of her most recent features.

The Major Projects

The film ‘Flashdance,’ a romantic musical drama released in 1983, was Beals’ first important achievement. Despite initially receiving terrible reviews from reviewers, the picture was a box office success, being the year’s third highest-grossing film.

Beals plays Alexandra, an eighteen-year-old girl who works as a welder at a mill but aspires to be a dancer in the film.

Another important piece in Beals’ career was ‘Devil in a Blue Dress.’ The film is directed by Carl Franklin and is based on Walter Mosley’s novel of the same name. The film received a mixed response from critics. Beals was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Best Actress for her performance.

‘Manhattan Night,’ a 2016 American crime thriller, is one of Jennifer Beals’ recent notable works. The film is based on Colin Harrison’s novel ‘Manhattan Nocturne,’ which was published in 1996. The film aired on May 20, 2016, and starred Adrien Broy, Yvonne Strahovski, and Campbell Scott, among others.

‘The L Word,’ a television drama series about the lives of a group of lesbians, is Beals’ most notable television production. The show premiered on Showtime TV Network in 2004 and continued for five years, until 2009. The concert was a big success all over the world. It also won Beals two nominations for awards.

Another notable achievement in Beals’ career was the American criminal drama series ‘The Chicago Code.’ The show premiered in February 2011 but was canceled in May owing to a variety of factors. The show received largely positive feedback from critics.

Despite the fact that it only aired for a brief period, it gained some popularity and was even broadcast in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Achievements & Awards

Jennifer Beals won the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for her outstanding performance in the 1983 film “Flashdance.”

For her remarkable performance in the 1997 TV movie ‘The Twilight of the Golds,’ she received the Satellite Award for Best Actress.

Personal History and Legacy

Jennifer Beals’ first spouse was American film director Alexandre Rockwell, whom she married in 1986. In 1996, they divorced.

In 1998, she married Ken Dixon, a Canadian entrepreneur. She gave birth to their daughter in October 2005.
She is well-known for being an outspoken supporter of homosexual rights.
She practices kung-fu, Shantou as well as kickboxing, and has an interest in ballet, salsa as well as belly dancing.

Estimated Net worth

Jennifer Beals has an estimated net worth of $8 million as an actress and former model.