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American actor and singer Jeremy Shada is well recognized for his voice acting roles in numerous popular animated films and video games. The fictional character ‘Finn the Human’ in the sitcom ‘Adventure Time’ is one of his most recognizable voice roles. He also provided the voice for Lance, one of the most recognizable characters in ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender. Other significant works by Jeremy as a voice actor include ‘Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania,’ ‘ParaNorman,’ ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold,’ ‘Chowder,’ ‘Lego Dimensions,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series,’ and ‘Code Name: S.T.E.M. ‘. He has also demonstrated his acting abilities in television programs such as ‘Incredible Crew’ and in television films like ‘Miracle Run’ and ‘Aliens in the House’. Jeremy is also a well-known rap artist who has written the rap “Running Errands with My Mom.” He is a member of the rock group “Make Out Monday.”

Jeremy Shada’s Childhood

Jaden was his birth name Jeremy Shada was born in Boise, Idaho, on January 21, 1997. Prior to his birth, his family relocated to Los Angeles. Both of his older brothers, Josh and Zack, are also performers. He has a younger sister as well. His current residence is in Burbank, California.

Since Jeremy began performing at a young age, it was tough for him to juggle school and job at the same time. As a result, his parents educated him at home, and he graduated in May 2013. Jeremy subsequently joined the punk-pop band ‘Make Out Monday’.

Early Life & Profession

When he was barely seven years old, Jeremy entered the field of acting. Jeremy grew up observing his older brother Zack demonstrate his acting abilities on stage and in other venues. This motivated Jeremy to pursue acting as a career.

Shortly after his family’s relocation to Los Angeles, Jeremy enrolled in an entertainment agency. Soon after, offers began to stream in. Jeremy starred in many commercials during the early phases of his career before attending an audition for voice-over artists.

Jeremy’s first acting assignment was a television film titled “Miracle Run” in which he portrayed the younger version of the main character, Philip Morgan. The release date of the film was August 9, 2004. In the same year, he made two cameo appearances, first in the episode named ‘Time of Death’ of the medical drama ‘ER’ as Bobby, and then in the sitcom ‘Good Girls Don’t.’

A year later, he was cast as the younger version of the primary character, Kurt Diamond, in the film No Rules. In the same year, he made his debut as a voice actor with the English dubbing of the Japanese animated feature My Neighbors the Yamadas.

Then, Jeremy provided his voice for a few episodes of the 2006 science fiction television series ‘Lost’. In the series, he voiced the younger version of Charlie Pace. He also appeared in minor roles on television series such as “Nip/Tuck” and “Southern Comfort.”

In 2007, Jeremy appeared in several television series as a guest star. In the drama ‘Shark,’ he played C.J. Chambers in the episode titled ‘Blind Trust.’ Following that, he appeared in programs such as ‘The Loop,’ ‘Ghost Whisperer,’ and ‘Cold Case.’ Jeremy also had a small part in the television film Love’s Endless Legacy.

In 2009, he participated in an audition for a forthcoming animated feature titled “Adventure Time.” He was offered the breakout role of Finn the Human due to his amazing audition performance.

Interestingly, Zack, Jeremy’s brother, was first selected for the job. However, when Zack was unable to accept the job, the series’ director, Larry Leichliter, discovered that Jeremy’s voice sounded similar to that of his brother, and thus cast Jeremy in the role.

In the animated series ‘Chowder,’ Jeremy provided the voice of a character named Porridge. In ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold,’ he gave his voice as the younger version of Robin from 2009 until 2011. Jeremy also provided the voice for one of the characters in the science fiction animated film “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”

Despite the fact that Jeremy had auditioned for “Adventure Time” in 2009, the production did not begin until 2010. The first episode of ‘Adventure Time’ aired on April 5, 2010, marking the beginning of Jeremy’s successful career with the show.

Since then, the show has been an enormous success. The series became so famous shortly after its introduction that numerous buildings were covered with paintings of the characters. In addition, toy stores across the nation were packed with toys meant to resemble the show’s characters.

The success of ‘Adventure Time’ opened new opportunities for Jeremy, who was recruited to contribute his voice to the show’s video games. Among the series-based games on which he has worked are ‘Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Stolen Our Garbage?! ‘, ‘Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom ‘, ‘Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations ‘, and ‘Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know!’ are all episodes of the Adventure Time animated television series.

Jeremy lent his voice to the character Paxton Fettel in the F.E.A.R. 3 video game the following year. In the comedic series ‘The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange,’ he later provided the voices for the characters Josh Bread and Dustin Berry. In the blockbuster stop-motion animated feature ParaNorman, he voiced the character Pug.

Jeremy joined the sketch comedy series Incredible Crew in which he portrayed himself. The series launched on December 31, 2012, immediately following Jeremy’s introduction of the cast and crew. The premiere of the show’s episodes occurred on January 24, 2013.

Jeremy then demonstrated his singing ability by performing a copy of Justin Bieber’s hit song “Baby.” The video was only available on Cartoon Network. Additionally, Jeremy composed the raps for the videos ‘Running Errands with My Mom’ and ‘It’s What You Do’ These videos were also made available on Cartoon Network.

Jeremy also provided the voice for Tom Sawyer in the game “Code Name: S.T.E.M.” “Voltron: Legendary Defender” is his first online series, which debuted in 2016 and is presently available on Netflix.
Simultaneously, he starred in the television series Mr. Student Body President, in which he plays the lead character. The show continues to air successfully.

Shada’s Personal Life

According to reliable sources, Jeremy is now unattached and there are no reports of him dating anyone.

Estimated Net Worth

Jeremy Shada is an actor with a net worth of $500,000 in the United States. Jeremy Shada was born in Boise, Idaho on January 21, 1997. He is best known for voicing Finn the Human in the American animated television series Adventure Time and for his roles in the sketch comedy series Incredible Crew, both of which stream on Cartoon Network.