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Jerry Jones is the man who single-handedly resurrected the ‘Dallas Cowboys.’ Jerry’s association with football began when he began playing for his college team as a ‘running back.’ Along with some illustrious teammates and coaches, Jones helped his team win the ‘National Championship.’ Jones struck gold with the ‘Jones Oil and Land Lease’, an energy exploration firm, following a master’s degree and a few failed business ventures. He rapidly expanded the company and amassed enormous profits over time, eventually purchasing the NFL team ‘Dallas Cowboys’. He was not afraid to make bold decisions and immediately imposed his dynamic personality on the team, resulting in significant changes to the management and administration of the team. Not only did he lead the team to an incredible run, but he also significantly improved the team’s finances. With a proclivity for expressing his views, he has frequently been embroiled in controversy. However, his team’s on-field success did not last despite Jones’ frequent coaching changes, but the team’s financial resources improved over time. Jones may not be the most popular player in the NFL, but he is unquestionably one of the most effective.

Childhood & Adolescence

Jerry Jones was born in Los Angeles, California to Arminta and J.W. Jones and spent his childhood in North Little Rock, Arkansas. His father was an insurance executive. Jerry attended ‘North Little Rock High School,’ where he was a ‘running back’ in football.

He accepted a football scholarship from the ‘University of Arkansas’ and served as the team’s co-captain and starting guard.

Glen Ray Hines and Jimmy Johnson were among his teammates, and the team won the ‘National Championship’ in 1964 under Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles.

Career of Jerry

Jones began his career in 1965 as a ‘Executive Vice President’ at ‘Modern Security Life of Springfield,’ a Missouri-based insurance company owned by his father.

In 1967, he was offered the opportunity to purchase the American Football League’s ‘San Diego Chargers’ but declined to do so in order to complete his master’s degree at Arkansas.

He earned a master’s degree in business in 1970 and attempted numerous business ventures, but success eluded him until he founded a highly successful oil and gas exploration company in Oklahoma.

His business grew rapidly over the next two decades, and he established offices throughout western USA and even Canada.

Jones purchased the NFL team ‘Dallas Cowboys’ and their stadium in Texas from previous owner H.R. Bright for $140 million in 1989. Prior to the purchase, the team had a 3-13 record.

He immediately fired existing coach Tom Landry, much to the chagrin of the fans, and replaced him with Jimmy Johnson, a friend and teammate from his college team. Even general manager Tex Schramm only lasted a few months before being replaced by Jones.

The team improved by leaps and bounds over the next few years, with Jones personally involved in every aspect. Jones was appointed to the ‘NFL Competition Committee’ in 1992, a position reserved for team owners.

In 1992, the ‘Dallas Cowboys’ not only set records for most wins in a season, but also won the ‘Super Bowl’ emphatically the following year, crushing the ‘Buffalo Bills’ 52-17, capping a fifteen-year wait for fans.

The team continued its winning streak in 1993, when Jones led them to another ‘Super Bowl’ final, where they defeated the ‘Buffalo Bills’ 30-13.

Apart from their on-field accomplishments, the team was also a financial success under Jones. From 1993 to 1995, they were the ‘Most Valuable Franchise,’ and for 160 consecutive matches, the stadiums where the team played were sold out.

Jones fired Jimmy Johnson as coach in 1994 and replaced him with another former college teammate, Barry Switzer.

In 1996, the team won another ‘Super Bowl,’ which was followed by a period of relative failure. Since then, Jones has changed coaches five times, but the Cowboys have been unable to replicate their heroics.

In 2008, he publicly chastised referee Ed Hochuli for a particular call, for which he was fined $25,000 by the NFL. The following year, he violated a gag order regarding Labor issues, for which he was once again heavily fined.

Significant Works of Jerry

Jerry Jones’ acquisition of the ‘Dallas Cowboys’ resulted in a dramatic turnaround in the team’s fortunes.

Jones restructured the coaching staff, became personally involved in administrative matters, and significantly improved the team’s finances, which resulted in the team’s most successful run in history, winning the ‘Super Bowl’ three times in four years.

Awards and Accomplishments

Jones was one of ten individuals chosen by ‘Ernst & Young’ magazine for the 1994 ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

In 1995, the magazine ‘Financial World’ named him the owner of the world’s most valuable sports organization.

Personal History and Legacies

Jones met Gene while attending the University of Arkansas. Gene had previously won a beauty pageant. They have three children and nine grandchildren. They married in 1963. All of their children are prominent members of the ‘Dallas Cowboys’ team.

He inspired the character of Baxter Cain, owner of the ‘Dallas Felons’, in the 1998 film ‘BASEketball’.
Jones established the ‘Gene and Jerry Jones Family Arlington Youth Foundation’ to benefit various charities serving Arlington’s youth.

Estimated Net Worth

Jerry Jones is an American CEO, entrepreneur, and owner of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Jerry Jones is estimated to be worth $4.2 billion.

Jerry Jones made his first fortune as an executive vice president of Springfield, Missouri-based Modern Security Life. He was also the founder and owner of Jones Oil and Land Lease, a company that conducts oil and gas exploration in Arkansas.

Jones paid $140 million for the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. The team is now estimated to be worth at least $5.5 billion.


This billionaire owner of the NFL team ‘Dallas Cowboys’ once inadvertently revealed his plans to replace the team’s coach to the press, but quickly retracted his remarks the next day, claiming he was under the influence of whisky. He did, however, eventually succeed in replacing the coach after a few months.