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Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese-American entrepreneur who made a lot of money on the internet. He is best known as the co-founder and former CEO of “Yahoo! Inc.” When he was ten years old, his family moved from Taiwan to the United States, where he learned to speak English. Later, he got his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering and put in for his doctorate. He met his office partner, David Filo, while he was getting his PhD. Soon after, both of them were hooked on the Internet, which had just come out at the time. While they were surfing, they saw how hard it was to find the websites they needed, so they made software to solve this problem. At first, they made a website to help organize the confusing web addresses on the World Wide Web. This website grew into a multi-billion dollar company. Soon, the website’s huge popularity led them to start Yahoo! Inc., which became a successful Internet and Web-based service provider over time. He was the company’s “Chief Yahoo” for more than a decade and was a key part of managing and making business decisions. He was also the head of several other companies.

Early years and childhood

Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang was born in Taipei, Taiwan, on November 6, 1968. His father died when he was two years old. At age 10, he moved with his mother, Lily, and younger brother, Ken, to San Jose, California.

Even though his mother taught English, he only spoke Chinese and was not very good at English. He was put in an Advanced Placement English class, where he learned and mastered the language.

After that, he went to San Jose’s Sierramont Middle School and Piedmont Hills High School, where he got his early education. Then, in 1990, he went to Stanford University and got both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in electrical engineering at the same time.

Jerry Yang’s Career

He met David Filo when he was getting his Ph.D. They shared an office at Stanford University. At that time, the Internet had just come out, and both the young men quickly became hooked on the new technology. They would spend hours at a time surfing the web.

Over time, they realized that the web was hard to use because it was a mess of unorganized information. To solve this problem, they made software that put web pages into groups based on what they were about. They also started their own website called “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.”

Within a few months, the site was being used by tens of thousands of people who wanted to find their favorite web pages. Because so many people went to the site, they decided to change its name to “Yahoo” to make it easier and more fun to say.

Even though they were offered money to sell the company, Jerry Yang and David Filo kept it and kept working to make it a better search engine. In 1995, the two were given money to help them start their own business.
When they realized how valuable and important their idea was, they stopped their doctoral studies six months before they were done and instead started Yahoo! Inc. in March 1995.

In 1996, the company went public. For the first time, anyone could buy shares of the company, and the two founders became millionaires right away. From March 1995 to January 2012, he was the company’s “Chief Yahoo,” and from 2007 to 2009, he was also its Chief Executive Officer.

He was also an “Independent Director” of Cisco Systems from 2000 to 2012. In 2007, he set up the Yahoo! Human Rights Fund, a fund to help online dissidents with “humanitarian and legal support.”

After leaving the Yahoo! board of directors, Mr. In 2012, he started an investment company called “AME Cloud Ventures.” Since it was founded, the company has given money to more than 50 startups, such as Tango, Evernote, and Wattpad.

He has been an Independent Director of “Workday, Inc.” since November 2013. He is also a Director of “Alibaba Group Holding Limited” who is not paid by the company.

He has been an Independent Non-Executive Director of Lenovo Group Limited since November 2014. He is also on the board of Stanford University’s trustees.

He has also been a Director of several other companies, including InfoGear Technology Corporation, American Internet Corporation, PipeLinks Inc., ZDNet Inc., Growth Networks Inc., and Combinet Inc.

Works of note

His most important and best work was helping to start Yahoo! Inc., which began as a “web portal with a web dictionary” and grew into a website with a wide range of products and services for doing things online. At the moment, “Yahoo!” is one of the biggest names on the Internet and one of the most popular sites.

Awards & Achievements

In 1999, he was named one of the top 100 innovators in the world under the age of 35 by the MIT Technology Review TR100.
He is one of the “25 Men with the Most Influence on the Web.”

Personal History and Legacies

He is married to a Japanese woman named Akiko Yamazaki. He met her in 1992 while he was a student at Stanford University. Akiko has a degree in industrial engineering and works as a director for the Wildlife Conservation Network.

Estimated Net worth

Jerry Yang is an American who was born in Taiwan and works in the internet business. He is worth $2.5 billion. He is best known as one of the people who started Yahoo! He was also the CEO of Yahoo! in the past. Jerry is a trained computer programmer who has made a lot of money through venture capitalism and running his own business on the internet.