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A well-known lifestyle YouTuber named Jessalyn Grace is well-known for operating a channel of the same name on the website. Toy reviews, lookbooks, fashion hauls, back-to-school posts, DIYs, music covers, and sporadic vlogs are among her content types. Grace grew up with a passion for cheerleading and crafting and is associated with the children’s apparel company Justice. Her mother Kelly, who enjoys making crafts, helped the young girl channel her creativity in the correct way. Today, both the mother and the daughter manage their separate YouTube channels for creativity. Regarding Grace’s account, it now has more than 417k subscribers (as of May 2018). This account, which was founded in 2016, has received over 46 million views. The fact that the young YouTuber’s craft material is unique and creative is its best feature. Her videos are all worth viewing, each and every one. Additionally, because of how in-depth her craft-related films are, any craft enthusiast can quickly pick them up. Specifically, Grace’s two younger siblings take pleasure in viewing her videos.

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Become a Hero

The first video on Jessalyn Grace’s self-titled channel, which she started in 2016, was titled “Welcome to My Channel – A little about me.” Grace was able to post a range of content on her channel within a month, including DIYs, fashion videos, and back-to-school material.

The viewers of each of these videos were able to hold their interest, and as a result, they shared them on their own social media accounts. The young YouTuber worked hard over time to enhance the quality and substance of her videos, which helped her quickly amass hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

She ultimately began producing videos to advertise the JUSTICE line of children’s clothing (which she is affiliated with). In order to truly interact with her audience, Grace also made the decision to share general vlogs with them. During this voyage, the American young diva managed to gain over 417k subscribers in just two years.

‘Justice Makeup Collection + a Look at Mom’s Makeup Too’ is one of her most popular films. Currently, this movie has received over 4 million views.

Jessalyn’s Individual Existence

California welcomed Jessalyn Grace into the world on May 25, 2007. Her Mormon mother also has a YouTube channel with the handle “CreativeKelly.” On her channel, she has a ton of craft videos. Super Quick and Easy Flower Tutorial!! is the subject of one of her most well-liked recordings. Makes in under 5 minutes. She has a Buddhist parent. Abby, Grace’s younger sister, and Bryce, Grace’s younger sibling, are both children. She goes to a nearby institution.

Jessalyn is a talented singer as well. Even as a six-year-old, she took first place in a music contest. She performed the well-known tune “Let It Go” from Disney’s “Frozen” in this competition. The performer and online personality JoJo Siwa are one of her biggest influences. Additionally, the young American YouTuber has participated in professional cheerleading.

Estimated Net Worth

Jessalyn is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. According to our research, Jessalyn Grace has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.