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Jeydon, also known as the character “Hunter,” is an exceptional musician. He uses music to express his concealed emotions; he claims it is his life’s solace. With thousands of views on many of his hip-hop and acoustic music videos on YouTube, YouTube was a blessing in his troubled existence. Today, Jeydon’s channel has over 850,000,000 subscribers and over 74,000,000 views. Through his vlogs, he continues to update his admirers on current events in his life. With a YouTube channel aimed at making people smile and reminding viewers of their “strength, worth, and freedom,” he has served as an inspiration to many depressed young people around the world. Additionally, he has a sizeable following on Instagram and Twitter, with 561K and 404K followers, respectively.

The Star’s Meteoric Rise to Fame

Jeydon began recording at an early age; as a child, he recorded videos and impromptu films with his siblings. On his fifteenth birthday, when he received a desktop computer as a gift, he was first introduced to the internet and YouTube. At the time, he was enduring torment; he was subjected to severe bullying and depression, and he was contemplating suicide.

Luckily, he discovered music, and he focused on creating his own by drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson and Eminem. After nearly a year, at the age of 16, he joined YouTube. Consequently, he began uploading his music to YouTube and gained fame by inventing the character ‘Hunter’ He initiated a video series based on the character.

Today, he has garnered the support of a large number of individuals and has also assisted many in coming out and speaking freely about themselves. Additionally, he collaborates with YouTubers who are his close acquaintances. Currently, he is a member of the collaborative channel My Digital Escape alongside Alex Dorame, Johnnie Guilbert, and Bryan Stars.

Why Is Jeydon Wale So Unique?

Throughout his adolescence, Jeydon endured a variety of adversities. In fact, he was diagnosed with depression and suicidal ideation at the age of eleven. He has the strength to turn his life around, combat abuse, and achieve success. He exudes positive energy and aspires to be an inspiration to many who are enduring similar circumstances.

He has no qualms about coming out and telling the world about his sexual orientation. It takes a lot of courage to do what Jeydon did. He is modest and owes his continued existence to the very first subscriber to his YouTube channel. He is devoted to his family and acquaintances.

Jeydon’s Beyond Fame

Jeydon adores his mother, whom he refers to as “superwoman.” He is also close to his half-siblings and would enjoy spending time with them at any moment. It is evident that he has an acute sense of hearing music. He can also perform the guitar and the keyboard. In addition to music, Jeydon enjoys painting and sketching. He has been an artist since a young age.

As a child, his favorite television program was ‘Rugrats,’ and he still enjoys watching cartoons. Additionally, he is lactose intolerant and afraid of bees and raptors. He enjoys traveling and has visited approximately twelve states in the United States, as well as Germany, Belgium, and England.

Behind The Screen

Jeydon was born in Ontario, Canada, and reared there. His birth was challenging because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his face and neck, causing a slight deformity in his left lower face muscle and a crooked appearance to his smile. In elementary school, he was bullied and ridiculed due to this factor. At six months old, he was already capable of speaking in complete sentences.

His parents divorced when he was only nine months old, and his mother remarried. She had two more children, his half-siblings, a brother, and a sister, and they all grew up together in harmony. Together, they played outdoor activities and constructed tents. When his mother became gravely ill, he endured the darkest period of his life. Jeydon believed he had lost her, but she suddenly regained her health.

When he started secondary school, he was taunted for being transgender. However, music and YouTube assisted him in overcoming the harassment. He is presently dating Samantha, who has appeared in his YouTube videos and is currently a successful YouTuber. He desires to disseminate happiness through his channel.

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In 2016, after nearly ten years of secrecy, Jeydon revealed in a video that he is transgender from female to male. He is currently receiving testosterone injections and is enjoying the experience.