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As of March 2018, JillianTubeHD, an American YouTuber and social media influencer had more than a million subscribers to her channel. She goes as Jillian online since her parents have chosen to hide their last names for security concerns. Jillian launched her own YouTube channel in March 2013 and is the younger sister of the prominent and well-known YouTuber EvanTubeHD. However, she didn’t upload her debut video until January 2016. Since then, her reputation as a social media influencer has slowly but surely risen, and she has discovered her own niche outside of the spotlight of her famous brother. She primarily shares piano performances, vlogs, and challenge videos.

The Epic Ascent to Fame

In late 2011, when Evan talked to his father, an amateur filmmaker, about starting a YouTube channel, the family’s path to digital fame began. At first, it served as a means of establishing a connection between the two of them. On September 20, 2011, EvanTubeHD was launched, and that same day they published their debut video. Since then, the channel’s subscriber base has multiplied by a factor of five million. In addition, they have started four other channels: Jillian’s JillianTubeHD, EvanTubeRaw (for vlogging), EvanTubeGaming (for gaming), and DTSings (for music).

Jillian first appeared in April 2012 on her brother’s channel, where she was introduced as JillianTubeHD, her current online alias.

Her parents made the decision to create a channel for her on March 11, 2013, when she was just four years old, and named it JillianTubeHD. The goal was to draw in younger viewers who weren’t very interested in Evan’s programming, which mainly concentrated on challenges, games, and toys. It turned out to be a wise and prudent decision. With her inherent charisma and charm, Jillian started to draw young girls to her channel who saw in her an excellent role model for their own age group.

She attained one million subscribers in January 2018, and as of March 2018, she had slightly more than one million 86 thousand subscribers. Jillian is not particularly active on other social media sites besides YouTube, despite the fact that her parents have created a Facebook page for her.

Individual Life of JillianTubeHD

On October 3, 2008, Jillian was born in Pennsylvania. Alisa and Jared are her parents. Evan is her older brother. Chloe is the name of the family’s Goldendoodle.

Her parents are well aware of the risks associated with excessive social media usage. As their kids mature in front of millions of people, they work to preserve some degree of privacy for them. They haven’t revealed their last name, nor have they specified their exact residence. On social media, Jared and Alisa used the handles DaddyTube and MommyTube, respectively, that they used on YouTube.

Estimated net worth

American YouTuber and social media personality Jillian TubeHD. Jillian TubeHD has a $1 million net worth as of 2022. She is well-known for having a close bond with her older brother, the well-known YouTuber Evan TubeHD.