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Jilly Anais is an American actress, singer, and model on the rise. She began performing onstage acting, singing, and dancing at the age of two. Jilly began ballet training as a toddler and performed in several events for three years. She also developed an early interest in the performing arts, joining the Ensemble Theater and starring in a number of productions as the principal performer until the age of thirteen. She attended Premier High School in North Houston, where she participated in the theatre club and continued to play onstage. She displayed a talent for ‘Competitive Dance’ and ‘Competitive Cheerleading’ while still in high school, allowing her to secure the highly coveted solo positions. Jilly was a superb athlete who actively participated in volleyball, basketball, and soccer, and who was also skilled in martial arts. She joined Page Parkes Modeling & Acting Agency at the age of thirteen and starred in several commercials and advertisements. She entered her first beauty pageant at the age of fourteen and earned the title of Miss Teen Houston. It wasn’t until Anais moved to Los Angeles that her professional career received a boost.

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Jilly’s Early Profession

Jilly Anais has been preparing herself for an exciting future in show business since she was a toddler. She was born in Houston, Texas, and spent her childhood there. She comes from a family with a secure economic base, which enabled her to optimally utilize her intrinsic and learned skills, allowing her to begin her professional career at an early age.

She began honing her artistic abilities at the age of two. She began taking ballet classes and performed as a ballerina for the following three years.

At the age of five, Jilly Anais enrolled at the Ensemble Theater, where she appeared in nearly innumerable shows, frequently as the lead, over the course of eight straight years. As a student at North Houston’s Premier High School, she performed in the lead roles in various plays.

She engaged in ‘competition dancing’ and ‘competitive cheering’ while attending college. Her remarkable boogieing and ballet talents, which she had honed as a child, assisted her in securing the coveted solo places. She was a varsity cheerleader for four years and a competitive cheerleader for five years.

Jilly was a vibrant and active girl who participated in soccer, basketball, and volleyball throughout her school and college years. She captained starting lineups on multiple occasions, winning praise from teammates and coaches for her athleticism.

In 2009, at the age of thirteen, Jilly got a contract with Page Parkes Modeling & Acting Agency. She appeared in advertisements for “Dance Spirits and Dance Academy,” “Sakowitz Furs,” “Sports Authority,” and “Academy.” The following year, she concentrated on preparing herself for beauty pageants.

She has crowned “Miss Teen Houston 2010-2011” on her first try to compete for the crown in a beauty pageant. As Miss Teen Houston, she was entirely devoted to community service, speaking to children in schools on the importance of cherishing aspirations and sincerely pursuing them.

In 2014, she made the life-changing decision to move from her hometown to Los Angeles in order to advance her career, and the move proved to be a turning point in her life. She attended numerous finishing schools for acting classes to hone her performance skills.

Her debut single, ‘The Juice,’ which she co-wrote with ‘The Invaders,’ was released commercially in February 2015 to support her self-titled debut EP, which was released shortly thereafter. The EP featured songs including ‘9 Lives,’ ‘Lucky Girl,’ ‘Danza,’ and ‘Tough Love.’

In 2015, Jilly Anais partnered with Los Angeles-based singer Troi Irons to write the tune “Afterparty.” She has also saved numerous cover versions of popular original songs on her YouTube site. She has been in numerous music videos for famous singers and performers.

Her Acting Profession

Jilly Anais received praise for her notable cameos in Demi Lovato’s ‘Cool for the Summer’ music video, Kevin Hart’s ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood,’ and Morris Chestnut’s ‘Rosewood.’

Since 2013, she has appeared in a few television episodes and chat shows as a guest. She starred in an episode (All Rumors Are True) in the 2013 television series ‘East Los High’ and was a guest on the 2016 chat program ‘Women Talk with Meosha’.

In 2016, she appeared in an episode of the television series “Freakish” titled “Weakness.” She portrays Missy in the upcoming drama film ‘God Send,’ which is still in development and is slated to be released in late 2017.

Jilly’s Personal Life

Jilly Anais was born as Jillian Anais Moor on January 2, 1996, in Houston, Texas. She has Jamaican heritage. Prior to relocating to Los Angeles to advance her professional career, she spent the first 18 years of her life in her hometown.

Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce Knowles, Madonna, and Aaliyah are her primary influences. She is said to be dating the San Antonio Spurs NBA player Dejounte Murray.

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