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Baltimore, Maryland
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Baltimore, Maryland

James Beeland “Jim” Rogers, Jr. is an American business mogul located in Singapore. Rogers, who is regarded as a superb investor by the business world, is also an author and financial analyst. He co-founded Quantum Fund with George Soros, another similarly bright businessman. Additionally, he founded the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI) and serves as Chairman of both Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc. From an early age, the intelligent businessman showed his business ability. He began his “enterprise” of selling peanuts when he was just five years old! He attended Oxford University and joined the investment bank Arnhold and S. Bleichroder, where he met his future business partner, George Soros. Even though he was an expert at investing and managing money, he was not just focused on profit. There is much more to this fascinating personality—he had a long-held desire for motorcycle touring the world, which he accomplished between 1990 and 1992. He is also an accomplished writer, frequently contributing to publications such as ‘The Washington Post’, ‘The New York Times, ‘Forbes’, ‘Fortune’, and ‘The Wall Street Journal’. Teaching is another of his passions, and he has worked as a finance lecturer at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business.

Childhood & Adolescence

Jim Rogers was born and raised in Maryland before moving to Alabama as a child. His father, James Beeland Rogers, was a chemical plant manager.
Jim showed an early aptitude for business—his earliest ventures included selling peanuts and collecting empty bottles left behind by fans at baseball games.

Following his education, he enrolled at Yale University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history in 1964. He then enrolled at Oxford University’s Balliol College to earn a second BA degree. In 1966, he got a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Jim Rogers’s Career

In 1970, he joined the investment bank Arnhold & S. Bleichroder. He met George Soros here, with whom he would subsequently form business relationships.
Both men quit the bank in 1973 to form Quantum Fund.

Their business grew over the following few years. It was one of the country’s few hedge funds at the time and was extremely successful.
Rogers was a true believer in the investing sector, and his hard efforts resulted in Quantum Fund becoming one of the first fully international funds. He retired in 1980, at the age of 37, to pursue other interests. He took control of his finances and began investing in commodities and equities throughout the world.

He was an avid motorcycle rider and spent much of his time around the world. He gained valuable knowledge about how different countries’ stock markets operate and were able to manage his portfolios prudently as a result of his travels.

His extensive knowledge of stocks and success in the investment business established him as a credible economist. In 1989 and 1990, he served as moderator of WCBS’s ‘The Dreyfus Roundtable and FNN’s ‘The Profit Motive with Jim Rogers.’

He had a lifetime desire of riding across the world, and from 1990 to 1992, he rode a motorcycle across six continents, covering almost 100,000 kilometers. He chronicled his exploits in the book ‘Investment Biker.’
In 1998, he established the Rogers International Commodity Index. After nine years, the index and its sub-indices were rebranded as ELEMENTS and tied to exchange-traded notes.

The travel bug bit the investor once more, and in January 1999, he embarked on another world trip. This time, he traveled through 116 nations and 245,000 kilometers in a Mercedes-Benz custom-built for him. In January 2002, he returned home after a three-year absence. He detailed this journey in the best-selling book ‘Adventure Capitalist.’

He began appearing regularly on Fox News ‘Cavuto on Business’ in 2002. Additionally, he was invited to participate in additional financial shows. In 2005, he published ‘Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Profitably Invest in the World’s Best Market.

He was previously based in New York City but relocated to Singapore in 2007. He believed Asian markets offered superior investment opportunities and hence made this shift.

In 2011, he launched The Rogers Global Resources Equity Index, which focuses on the world’s leading corporations in agriculture, mining, metals, and energy.

His Significant Works

He co-founded the Quantum Group of Funds with fellow businessman George Soros, a privately held hedge fund based in the Netherlands. The fund was extremely successful, and Rogers received enough money to pursue his other interests.

Personal History and Legacies

He was married three times. In 1966, he married Lois Biener. After three years, the couple divorced. His second marriage, in 1974, to Jennifer Skolnick, was equally brief.
He is currently married to Paige Parker, a woman far younger than himself. The couple is the parents of two children.

Estimated Net worth

Jim Rogers is a $300 million dollar American entrepreneur and novelist. Jim Rogers was born in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1942. He grew up in Alabama and began his first business selling peanuts at the age of five.


At the age of 60, this world-renowned investor became a first-time parent!