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JME is a well-known English grime MC well known for being one of the founding members of the group “Boy Better Know.” He was born and reared in London, and his initial interests were more in technology than music. He began his career as a 3D designer and also produced ringtones for cell phones. Joseph, also known as “Skepta,” was interested in pursuing a career as a rapper. He was a member of the “Meridian” crew, and eventually the brothers collaborated on rap songs. The brothers formed a new group called “Boy Better Know” in 2005 and planned to include more MCs in it. Later on, it was transformed into a full-fledged record label. To raise money, the group started creating and selling T-shirts. JME’s debut album, ‘Famous?’ was published in 2008. The CD enjoyed incredible success. ‘Blam!,’ his second studio album, which he continues to record, was released in 2010. The album was yet another hit. He worked on his subsequent album, “Integrity,” for an additional five years before releasing it in 2015.

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Early Childhood & Life

JME was born Jamie Adenuga on May 4, 1985, in Hackney, London, to Nigerian immigrants with Ethiopian ancestry. Due to a lack of other options, the family soon after his birth relocated to Tottenham in North London and resided in a council housing. The family wasn’t particularly wealthy and couldn’t afford a home in a pricey city like London.

Jamie had three siblings growing up: Julie, Joseph, and Jason, two brothers. Julie made a career in music and became a prominent DJ and radio broadcaster in London.
Joseph, one of Jamie’s brothers, has wanted to be a musician since he was a young child. He and Jamie have a tight relationship and shared a love of music.

Both “St. Paul’s School” and “Winchmore School” Jamie attended. Academically, he excelled. He was a huge music fan when he was a teenager. But he had never considered making a profession out of music. He attended the “University of Greenwich” after high school. While Joseph had already started his run as a rapper, he was a college student studying 3D and digital design.

The UK’s popularity of grime music was only beginning to spread when Jamie was a college student. In the US, it had already attained astronomical popularity. Jamie, who received a first-class honors degree, was influenced by the UK’s emerging grime scene. The brothers made the decision to give grime music a shot because many new musicians were becoming well-known and wealthy.

Career of JME

They joined the freshly established grime ensemble Meridian in 2003, which already included several prominent grime musicians including Big H and Paper Pablo. The band recorded songs, but no record company supported them. By using pirate radio, they gained notoriety in the London underground music scene. Tottenham became their home base.

The group, however, lost their composure and split up in 2005. This happened as a result of a select group members who were charged with murder and found guilty. Jamie and Joseph reasoned that it would be best to keep their distance from the gathering.

A few of the group’s members formed a new unit called the “Bloodline Family” and launched their own record company. Jamie and Joseph started their own band called “Boy Better Know” in the meantime. The organization was started in late 2005. Before they started making music their full-time job, they initially had different business aspirations.

They required money to manage the group because of its expansion. They cooperated on numerous projects with numerous former members of their band, “Meridian,” who they continued to work with. Initial revenue for “Boy Better Know” came from the sale of printed T-shirts, which were very well-liked by London’s young. Additionally, the team was able to secure a regular place on “Rinse FM” and began self-promotion.

Jamie first started composing his own songs in the year 2006. He created ringtones for cell phones, which at the time was a rapidly expanding industry. He gradually started utilizing superior programs like “Logic Studio” and “Fruity Loops.” In the meantime, he continued to work as a freelancer and make money from his 3D designs.
He started working as a full-time musician in 2008. Before then, he and his brother had produced and distributed a number of mixtapes. The majority of their mixtapes were played at the “Straight Outta Bethnal” nightclub in north London. After they gained notoriety, Jamie started composing his own debut record.

Jamie’s debut album, “Famous?” was made publicly available for download in July 2008 all around the world. The CD, which had 15 tracks, became popular right away. JME was obviously greatly influenced by American rapper Eminem because one of his tracks, “Serious,” overtly sampled Eminem’s song “Who Knew.”

JME produced six of the album’s 15 songs. When the album was made available on iTunes, JME was quickly brought to the grime music industry’s mainstream. Boy Better Know became a successful label as a result of its success.
The gang of “Boy Better Know” grew as new rappers were added to the roster. By that time, his older brother Joseph had already had a couple hits on the same label.

JME soon started creating his next album after being encouraged by its popularity. He teased his fans by releasing a track from his upcoming album, “Over Me,” in September 2009. By releasing more singles in the months that followed, he raised interest in his second album. He also released a song titled “CD is Dead” that poked fun at the internet’s role in the digitalization of music.

‘Blam!’ was officially released in October 2010. His younger brother Jason created the album’s cover, which JME proudly displayed on his Twitter account. The album was more popular than JME’s prior release and was the first of his to appear on the “UK Albums Chart.” It made it to position 66. Only two of the 16 singles on the album were produced by JME.

The compilation album “History,” which JME released in 2011, peaked at position 162 on the “UK Albums Chart.” While many of the tracks were taken from earlier JME mixtapes and albums, there were several that were brand-new.

JME’s biggest hit to date was released in the first few months of 2012. On the “UK Indie Chart,” the song “96 Fuckries,” which has the third-highest position, was released. The third studio album he released, “Integrity,” took him five years to complete. It turned out to be his most well-received record to date and was nominated for the IMPALA record of the Year award.

Individual Life of JME

Before being married in August 2016, JME dated Sarah Cavanagh for a long period. Sarah gave birth to their daughter, Rose, in May 2018.
JME avoids drugs, alcohol, and pointless fights with other rappers, in contrast to other rappers.

Net Worth of JME

The estimated net worth JME of is around $1 million.