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Former model Joanna Holland was the ex-wife of Johnny Carson, a former television broadcaster from the United States. She had collaborated with well-known fashion designers Molly Parnis, Donald Brooks, and Geoffrey Beene. Joanna held the position of vice president for Michaele Vollbracht’s fashion brand during her remarkable career. In addition, she presided over the non-profit group “Share Happily and Reap Endlessly” (SHARE). On September 30, 1972, Joanna and Johnny consummated their secret marriage. But it was their divorce that grabbed headlines since Joanna’s share of the deal included $20 million in cash. Former world backgammon champion Tim Holland was Joanna’s husband.

Early Life & Career of Joanna Holland

Born Johanna C. Ulrich in 1940 in New York, Joanna Holland grew up alongside her brother Peter. At the age of 20, she married the renowned backgammon player Tim Holland, and during their six-year marriage, they welcomed a son named Joe Holland. Following their divorce in 1966, Joanna turned to modeling to support herself and her son, collaborating with well-known fashion designers. It was through her modeling career that she crossed paths with the famous television host Johnny Carson. Before her relationship with Johnny, Joanna was romantically involved with the then chairman of ‘The Hertz Corporation’ and had associations with other successful men.

Relationship with Johnny Carson

Joanna encountered Johnny at the renowned ’21 Club’ while he was dining with the famed fashion designer Molly Parnis. At the 10th anniversary celebration of ‘The Tonight Show,’ hosted by Johnny Carson, he surprised everyone by revealing that he and Joanna had married earlier that day in Santa Monica. Despite Joanna’s willingness to sign a prenuptial agreement to safeguard Johnny’s assets, he chose to have the document destroyed for sentimental reasons. After a decade of marriage, Joanna initiated a divorce on March 8, 1983, which was settled two years later, awarding her Johnny’s property and $20 million in cash.

Other Endeavors of Joanna Holland

In 1985, Joanna financially supported Michaele Vollbracht in launching his fashion line, utilizing funds from her divorce settlement with Johnny. She later became the vice president of the company. Joanna also held roles as a board member of ‘Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai’ and served on the executive committee of Santa Monica’s ‘Rape Treatment Center.’ One of her notable humanitarian efforts involved presiding over ‘Share Happily and Reap Endlessly,’ an organization that raised $750,000 to aid the mentally challenged.

Personal Life & Family of Joanna Holland

Joanna maintained a close relationship with her mother, Linda. Her son, Joe Holland, born on July 21, 1961, pursued a career as an actor and director, but sadly, he passed away on May 4, 1994, in Los Angeles, California. Joanna navigated various relationships during her modeling days, and at one point, she faced a legal challenge from an ex-boyfriend who claimed he had spent a considerable sum furnishing her apartment. To defend herself, Joanna enlisted the services of Johnny’s lawyer, Henry Bushkin. During challenging times, she found solace in her friendships with Cristina DeLorean, a former fashion model, and Judy Bushkin, Henry Bushkin’s ex-wife.

Net worth of Joanna Holland

The estimated net worth of Joanna Holland is about $1 million.