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Warsaw, Poland

Joanna Krupa is a Polish-American actress, model, and animal rights activist who has been in a number of reality television shows and in numerous fashion magazines around the world. She moved from her hometown to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the American entertainment industry, and she has since graced the covers of over 100 magazines throughout the world. She has been named on the ‘Hot 100’ list by Maxim magazine for several years in a row, and reality television producers are enamored with her. Aside from her reality television appearances, she has also appeared on ‘Las Vegas’ and ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,’ and has been a judge on ‘Poland’s Next Top Model’ on a regular basis since 2010. Joanna is a passionate animal rights activist who, in addition to supporting PETA, has launched her own organization, Angels for Animal Rescue. Joanna is now developing her own brand of swimsuits, fashion accessories, and jewelry.

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Childhood and Adolescence

Joanna Krupa was born on April 23, 1979, in Warsaw, Poland, to Steven and Wendy Krupa, who came from a religious Catholic household. Marta, her younger sister, is also a well-known model.

Joanna attended Mary Lyon Public School and then Steinmetz High School after her family relocated to Chicago when she was a child.

Joanna also took dance lessons for a long time, which she has continued to practice throughout time. Her dancing abilities came in handy later on in the show ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Both sisters were interested in pursuing a profession in modeling since they were children, but Joanna was far more enthusiastic.

She traveled to Los Angeles against her parents’ wishes after growing dissatisfied with her life in Chicago, lured by the flashy lifestyle and her hopes of making it famous in the entertainment world.

The Career of Joanna

In her long and exciting career as a model and actress, Joanna has been on the covers of various prestigious magazines.

Among them are Envy, FHM, Personal, Inside Sport, Stuff, and Shape, to name a few. Her total count is estimated to be over 100 covers, and she was named the Sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World by Maxim magazine.

In 2011, she was ranked number 55 on Maxim’s Hot 100 list of the world’s sexiest women. Krupa was named Model of the Year for the German issue of Maxim in 2003-2004, and she was shortly featured on the cover of Playboy twice.

Miss Howard TV’s model of the month for December 2007 and a stint as a lingerie model for Frederick’s of Hollywood are among her other modeling credits.

In 2009, she appeared on the show ‘The Superstars,’ where she was ousted on the first episode due to injuries but was given a second opportunity on the show. Her childhood ballet lessons helped her land a spot on ‘Dancing with the Stars in 2009.

She has also appeared on ‘The Man Show,’ ‘Million Dollar Challenge,’ and ‘Ridiculousness,’ where she played herself in a cameo part.

In 2004, her film ‘Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon’ was a commercial and critical flop, despite the fact that the director claimed she wasn’t the first choice for the part and was hired because of her connections with the producers.

Her performance was met with mixed reviews from critics. While some found it to be most satisfactory, others found it to be wooden and inflexible.

She made an appearance on ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ in 2012, and the show’s viewers adored her. Marta, her younger sister, also features on the show.

Krupa hosts the show ‘Poland’s Next Top Model’ in her home nation of Poland, she has been a judge on the show since 2010, and she is the most accomplished and well-liked judge on the show.

Krupa has long been an animal rights activist, and in 2009, she was included in a PETA ad for dog adoption, in which she was depicted as an angel with a cross covering her genitalia and breasts over a chapel full of stray dogs.

She had already participated in a number of PETA campaigns. She was seen coated in body paint for another PETA campaign, this time against SeaWorld.

Her Personal Experiences

Joanna Krupa finally settled down with her long-time partner, Romain Zago, after a long number of boyfriends, and the couple became engaged in 2010.

The pair married in a lavish wedding in June 2013. She filed for divorce in July 2017.

Estimated Net Worth

Joanna Krupa has an estimated net worth of $8 million. She is a Polish model, actress, and reality television star. Krupa got his start as a model.