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Former hairdresser turned businesswoman Joanne Beckham is the younger sister of former English footballer David Beckham. She serves as the CEO of the concierge company WeAreYourCity. Together with former ‘Notts County’ football player Jay Smith, Joanne founded this business. The business offers businesses and celebrities luxury management services. Joanne was a hairstylist prior to starting her own business. She dated reality television personality Kris Donnelly; the couple has a kid. Six months after the birth of their baby, Joanne and Kris split up.

The Career of Joanne Beckham

Joanne started her profession as a hairstylist, just like her mother. She acquired her instruction at the London “Vidal Sassoon Salon.” After that, she spent several years working at a “Hobs” salon close to her Essex home.

The CEO of a high-end concierge business is Joanne, a former employee turned entrepreneur. She runs “WeAreYourCity” with former “Notts County” football player Jay Smith. The rich and famous’s social calendars are organized by this concierge service. For a cost of €1,500, one can purchase membership and take advantage of all the opulent services offered by the business.

Joanne was inspired to create such a service by a personal encounter. She had a hard time finding good venues to go out when living in London. When Jay Smith played club football, he encountered the same problem. They met each other at a club through a mutual buddy. Jay and Joanne decided to launch a new business after Jay heard about their idea. They started by talking to companies and persuading them to join their “black book” of preferred partners. Jay reached out to athletes, while Joanne leveraged her connections in the fashion community. The May Fair Hotel hosted their inaugural conference, and they afterwards worked with companies including Louis Vuitton (fashion), The Ritz-Carlton (hotel), and Hakkasan (nightclub and restaurant).

Later, Joanne and Jay added a function that allowed members to have a personal lifestyle manager who would help them locate the greatest and most upscale stores, spas, restaurants, nightclubs, and lodging options in town. Events for the members would be organized with assistance from the personal managers.
Joanne and Jay held a formal launch party for “WeAreYourCity” in 2015. David Beckham was present at the celebration that took place at the Rosewood London Hotel.

Motherhood & Relationship

‘Big Brother’ contestants Kris Donnelly and Joanne were romantically involved. When Joanne posted on her social media accounts about her four-month pregnancy, they had been dating for a while. After making the announcement, she started routinely updating her ‘Instagram’ account with pregnancy photos. She also hosted a lavish baby shower. David also failed to hide his excitement. Joanne also sent touching captions to express her gratitude to Kris for his support during her pregnancy.

Joanne gave birth to her daughter Peggy in December 2017. She announced the news by uploading a photo of the infant to Instagram. Her joy, nevertheless, did not last very long. After Peggy was born, Joanne and Kris split up after six months. Many of their acquaintances said that their relationship had degenerated over time when the news of the breakup became public. Joanne and Kris frequently quarreled over trivial issues and ultimately split up. They also social media blocked one another. David was also impacted by the breakup because he and Kris were close friends.

Before Kris, Joanne dated superstar footballer Jermain Defoe and Dwight Yorke, a former colleague of David’s at Manchester United.

Individual Life of Joanne Beckham

On February 19, 1982, Joanne Louise Beckham was born in England. The youngest of the three Beckham children, she is. David is the middle child, whereas Lynne is the oldest sister. Joanne’s father, Edward Alan “Ted” Beckham, was a kitchen fitter, and her mother, Sandra Georgina, was a hairdresser. Family members of Joanne reside in Loughton, Essex.

Joanne underwent a thorough makeover in 2003. Before that, she was chubby. She was getting worried about her gaining weight. Because of her weight, she frequently remained melancholy. David provided Joanne with support as she lost weight. ‘OK!’ interviewed her after she unveiled her transformation.
Joanne has always been a fan of Beyoncé’s style. She also admires Halle Berry’s inherent beauty as an actor.

Estimated Net Worth of Joanne Beckham

The estimated net worth of Joanne Beckham is around $1 million.