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Joel Smallish Beans is a person you are likely to run into if playing video games is all you think about during the day. Joel has distinguished himself as one of the top gamers of his generation with more than nine lakh subscribers and significantly more than 18 million views. Nearly all the adventure and simulation video games, including “Minecraft” and “BeanCraft,” are second nature to him. Joel is rather active on almost all social media platforms. He has accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch, each of which has a sizeable following. Since entering the YouTube community, this 23-year-old gamer has amassed great amounts of popularity. In addition to being one of the most well-known players, he serves as an example for anybody who wants to make a living playing video games online. The tremendous number of admirers Joel has and the enormous number of views each of his videos receives demonstrate the influence he has on today’s youngsters. For all of his followers, this peeks inside the life of this adorable young gamer is a must-read.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Joel has the strategies to dominate any game like a pro, as all aspiring gamers would agree. Most young people who are enthusiastic about gaming desire to become like him when they grow up. Joel did not become so well-known immediately; instead, he gained it methodically and gradually, one step at a time. Joel, on the other hand, was just another neighbor boy who lives a typical life like most of us until becoming a household celebrity in the gaming business. He received his education at the “Millthorpe School” in New York, and it was likely there that his interest in online gaming first began to grow. On October 4, 2008, he made his debut on YouTube. Two years later, in 2010, he uploaded his first video, “GermanPompano, the XBL DJ,” which became instantly popular with the general public. Joel had no idea that, in addition to being on the road to celebrity as a result of the popularity of this clip, he was also about to become a household name online.

Why Joel Is So Special?

Joel, who is only 23 and has already received a great deal of attention, is incredibly modest and hasn’t allowed fame to get to him. Joel’s “never say die” mentality has been the primary factor in his success in this game genre since he first started playing “Minecraft” games. Even other well-known YouTubers, like “TheOrionSound,” have consented to appear on his channel as a result of his fame, which has reached such remarkable heights. Everyone will want to try the games because of how he has played them, as everyone who watches his official channel would see. How professionally crafted his films and clips are amply demonstrated by the number of fans he has across all social media channels. In addition to being a straightforward player, Joel serves as a role model for the young people of today, who see him as their hero.

Past Fame of Joel SmallishBeans

Even while we are incredibly curious about Joel’s personal life, virtually little of it has been made public. His relationship with his long-term partner, Lizzie, is the one area of his life that he has been very transparent about. She is also a well-known YouTube player with well over 2 million subscribers; many people know her by her online alias, “LdShadowlady.” In 2011, these two fell in love while attending a gaming event named “GameFEST.” Lizzie was stunned by the confidence Joel exuded as he was putting on a dancing routine. He had an incredible aura, and Lizzie was drawn to him because of how adorable he appeared. Although she learned that he was dating someone else during the course of their friendship, their connection was definitely meant to be. These two made the decision to advance their company in 2012 and proudly declared to the public that they were dating and were now a couple.

Behind The Scenes

Joel’s first game was “Gears of War” on his Xbox 360 Online, despite the fact that he now frequently plays high-end games on the best hardware. Additionally, he spent the majority of his time playing the well-known game “World of Warcraft,” which undoubtedly made the list of his favorite games. Joel is also incredibly well-liked on Twitter, where he has an astounding 170,000 followers, in addition to YouTube. His original Twitter handle was “thesmallbeans,” according to some trustworthy sources, but he later changed it to “Smallishbeans.”

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Joel SmallishBeans is about $1 million.