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The life tale of con artist and nurse anesthetist John Meehan was turned into a podcast and then a television series. John has a reputation for executing insurance scams and fictitious litigation. In addition, he was well-known for having numerous relationships with women—who were also his victims. Many people characterized John Meehan as dangerous and deceitful, and he had a long list of criminal convictions against him. His license to practice as a nurse anesthetist was then revoked, which forced him to concentrate only on tricking others. Terra Newell, John Meehan’s stepdaughter, eventually killed the guy who had harassed and intimidated other women. In an attempt to defend herself, Terra stabbed him thirteen times in the parking lot of her apartment building. At the age of 57, John Meehan passed away in a hospital four days later.

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Early Life & Childhood

On February 3, 1959, in the United States of America, John Meehan was born. He grew up with his sisters, Donna and Karen Meehan. John learned how to lie and con people from his father, William Meehan, who ran the “Diamond Wheel Casino” in San Jose. When John was younger, he would get paid to settle lawsuits by dodging oncoming traffic and putting broken glass into the food he ordered from nearby eateries. During his adolescence, he also peddled cocaine, for which he was once arrested. Saratoga, California’s “Prospect High School” was John’s school. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from “The University of Arizona” in 1988. The University of Dayton School of Law was his next stop. Because of his skill in seducing women, he earned the moniker “Dirty John” when a student at “The University of Dayton.

Unions of John Meehan

Tonia Sells, a licensed nurse anesthetist, and John Meehan began dating. Tonia assisted him in earning his degrees from Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia and Wright State University. Tonia and John got married in November 1990. The wedding was held at Dayton’s “St. Joseph Catholic Church.” It should come as no surprise that John had misrepresented his age and had even changed his name. Still, he struck me as a nice husband; Tonia had two daughters with him. John’s wife assisted him in his career as a nurse anesthetist. When he decided to file for divorce from Tonia ten years into their marriage, she called Dolores, John’s mother. John’s true identity was revealed to Tonia throughout the conversation. Tonia discovered a box full of potent anesthetics in September 2000; these were the medications he had been using recreationally. He was convicted of cocaine theft in 2002 and given a 17-month prison sentence.

John Meehan used a dating website to meet Debra Newell, an affluent interior designer, in 2014. Among many other things, he told her falsehoods about his line of work. It took John little time to win Debra over to his way of thinking. Because they were not persuaded by John’s falsehoods, Debra’s children from her first marriage were not thrilled about the wedding. John’s lengthy family history of secrets came to light when they eventually hired a private investigator to learn more about their stepfather. These discoveries were then turned into a podcast called “Dirty John,” which was subsequently turned into a television show. John did not take it well when Debra sought to dissolve her marriage to him. In response, he harassed and threatened her—a behavior he had previously engaged in with numerous women.

Demise of John Meehan

John used a knife to attack Terra, Debra’s daughter from her previous marriage, on August 20, 2016. After snagging the knife, Terra stabbed him thirteen times. John’s rucksack had duct tape, injectable testosterone, cable ties, kitchen knives, and a passport when the cops came. The police came to the conclusion that John had intended to abduct Terra based on their investigation. John was transferred to a local hospital when the emergency staff were able to restore his pulse. John was stabbed, but he never fully healed; he died on August 24, 2016.

The net worth of John Meehan

The estimated net worth of John Meehan is about $1 million.