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Jonathan, also known as Jonny Gray, is a Canadian performer best known for his role as ‘Max Asher’ in the television series ‘Max and Shred.’ He grew up on a farm in Ontario, Canada, and spent the majority of his youth there. He grew up in a sports-loving family and thus routinely participated in many activities such as polo, riding, hockey, skateboarding, and snowboarding, among others. When he entered and won a video contest, he was given the opportunity to serve as a reporter at a charity event in Thailand. Gray eventually developed an interest in working in front of the camera and began with a few modeling jobs, followed by some cameos on television shows. He rose to prominence as ‘Max’ in the television sitcom ‘Max & Shred.’ His portrayal of ‘Bruno’ in the TV movie series ‘Bruno & Boots’ was widely praised. Gray primarily works with the ‘Nickelodeon television network. His performance as ‘Josh’ in Nickelodeon’s action program ‘Ride’ also received positive feedback. He is an animal enthusiast who advocates for animal welfare and other charitable causes. He wants to go to university and pursue science.

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Youth and Adolescence

Jonathan Gray was born in London, Ontario, Canada on May 5, 1999. Daryl Gray, his father, is a surgeon at ‘Victoria Hospital,’ and Jacquelyn Doucette, his mother, is a family practitioner. Gray has two older brothers and one younger sister. As a child, he was “a city boy,” but when he was 7, his family relocated to their own farm.

They now reside on a horse farm in Ilderton, Ontario, with several dogs, cats, and horses. His parents instilled in him a love of horses and polo. He has always loved sports such as hockey, polo, football, soccer, skateboarding, skiing, and snowboarding, which has served him well in his future endeavors.

He attended ‘Medway High School’ and excelled intellectually. He was particularly interested in math and science and aspired to be a doctor like his parents. He entered a video contest in 2012 and sent an entry explaining why he should be selected. He topped the competition and received an all-expenses-paid trip to Thailand to cover the annual ‘King’s Cup Elephant Polo Tournament.’

This was his great chance. He provided live coverage of the event, which raises funds for street elephants and features real street elephants chosen from the community to participate in the tournament. He got positive feedback on his Thailand reporting and was told that he was great in front of the camera as well as with adults. Gray later told his mother that he wished to give it a shot. That is how he got into the show industry.

Jonny Gray’s Career

Gray started his work as a model. His first job was to create a set of commercials for ‘Lego.’ In 2013, he made his official debut in the TV documentary series ‘Paranormal Witness.’ He played ‘Young Dan’ in the film. He was cast as the lead character of ‘Max Asher’ in the comedy series ‘Max & Shred’ in 2014.

This is the tale of an unlikely friendship between two completely different teenagers who become friends as a result of circumstances, which leads to hilarious situations. ‘Max,’ a famous adolescent snowboarder, comes to Colorado to train for the ‘Winter Cup,’ and shares a room with science whiz-kid ‘Alvin ‘Shred’ Ackerman.

Gray has been a snowboarder for 7 years, so he might be a good fit for this position. He co-stars in this film with Jake Goodman, who portrays ‘Alvin ‘Shred’ Ackerman.’ This series was shot in Toronto and broadcast on ‘YTV’ in Canada and ‘Nickelodeon’ in the United States.

Gray got a lot of attention for his role as ‘Bruno Walton’ in the Canadian TV movie trio ‘Bruno & Boots.’ The series, based on Gordon Korman’s ‘Macdonald Hall series of young adult books, is about two mischievous troublemakers who are devoted to their boarding school. He co-stars in this film with Callan Potter, who portrays ‘Boots.’

The first film in this ‘YTV’ movie series, ‘Bruno & Boots: Go Jump in the Pool,’ debuted in 2016, while the other two films, ‘Bruno & Boots: This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall,’ and ‘Bruno & Boots: The Wizzle War,’ debuted in 2017.

In the Nickelodeon action program ‘Ride,’ he played ‘Josh Luders,’ a Canadian teenager training for competitive show jumping. The drama takes place at ‘Covington Academy,’ an elite equestrian boarding school, where ‘Katherine Bridges’ (played by British actor Kendra Leigh Timmins) arrives with her father for his new position.

Gray co-stars with Alana Boden, Oliver Dench, and Kendra Timmins in this TV program, which was shot in Ireland and directed by Stephen Scaini and Tim Hopewell. Gray grew up on a farm with many horses and has been riding since childhood, so he felt at ease in his new position as an equestrian school student.

Gray appeared as ‘Zach’ in the ‘TVO’ children’s sitcom ‘Annedroids’ (2014-2017). (His co-star in the series, London actor Adrianna Di Liella, was nominated for a ‘Daytime Emmy award for her part as ‘Shania’ in this series. Gray featured in two episodes of ‘Private Eyes,’ a 2016 TV comedy-drama series.

Jonny’s Private Affairs

Gray is an animal enthusiast who supports the ‘Humane Society’ and has taken part in the ‘Polo for the Cure,’ ‘Canadian Cancer Society,’ and ‘ALS Association of Canada Campaigns.’ He wishes to attend university and pursue science.

Estimated Net Worth

Jonny Gray is one of the wealthiest and most famous TV actors. Jonny Gray’s net wealth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.