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Encinitas, California

American comedian, social media personality, and YouTube celebrity Jordan Beau. Before his brother Jeremy left the house to enroll in the fire academy, he co-owned the “Beau Bros” YouTube channel with him. Since then, Jordan has changed the channel’s name to reflect himself and has started posting videos that mostly focus on his own life. Jordan and Jeremy are native Californians who spent their childhood riding scooters and hanging out with pals. They created their channel in February 2016, and the first video was released in March of the same year. The channel experienced exponential growth over the ensuing years, gaining over 630,000 subscribers and more than 65 million views. Jordan is also fairly well-liked on other social media sites. He has more than 60,000 followers on Twitter and more than 460,000 followers on Instagram. Jeremy began attending the fire academy in April 2018. Jordan then changed their channel’s name to one that was self-titled and made some adjustments to the material as well. He now regularly posts vlogs, and his girlfriend, dancer, and television personality Jordyn Jones, frequently makes an appearance in them.

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Increased Fame of Jordan Beau

In February 2016, Jordan and Jeremy launched their YouTube account. Within two weeks, they posted their first video. It features the Beau brothers performing freestyle skating and scootering under the title “Beau Bros | Channel Announcement + Riding!” They can also be seen considering several channel names before deciding on Beau Bros. Their early videos mostly feature vlogging, skating, sledding, and scootering. They eventually began producing videos with a distinctly comic tone as their fanbase grew.

Jordan has changed the channel’s format and content frequently since Jeremy left to enroll in the fire academy. He changed the channel’s name to reflect his own name and started publishing new videos. Jordan’s videos still occasionally feature Jeremy, although he is currently working on creating his own fitness-related channel. Additionally, there is a second channel named Beau Bros 2. It was started in September 2017 and has received over 7,000 subscribers and around 60 thousand views. The brothers don’t frequently post there.

Individual Life of Jordan Beau

On November 24, 1998, in Encinitas, California, Jordan Beau was born in the United States. Jeremy is 2.5 years older than him and was born on February 5th, 1996. Their French father appeared in the film “Son Vs Dad 950,000 Volt Taser!!!” in October 2016.

Brownie was the name of the former partner of Jordan. He started dating Jordyn Jones in 2018 after they split up. Jones is a professional dancer who took part in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, a Lifetime dance reality series. After finishing the competition in fifth place, she was offered the lead part in the YouTube series “Overnights.” Many of Jordan’s most recent videos include her. Currently, they are residents of Temecula, California.

The net worth of Jordan Beau

The estimated net worth of Jordan Beau is about $1 million.