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Joseph Jens Price is a vocalist who used to work as an HVAC mechanic. He is best known for being the husband of Tonya Harding, a former figure skater. After walking down the aisle with Tonya, who had put the national media into a tizzy after being engaged in the infamous attack on fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan in 1994, Joseph proceeded to monopolize the spotlight. For a variety of reasons, Joseph’s wedding to Tonya Harding drew national and worldwide notice. Because it was Tonya’s third marriage, the media was curious about Joseph Jens Price, and the paparazzi began to follow him. However, Joseph remained unaffected by his newfound fame and went about his business as usual. He is currently employed as a woodworker, and his wife frequently assists him in completing his tasks. Joseph and Tonya, as well as their son Gordon, live in Oregon.

Early Years & Professional Career

Joseph Jens Price was born in the United States of America, in the town of Yacolt. Joseph worked a variety of odd jobs after finishing his studies. He subsequently went on to work as an HVAC technician, where he became an expert in heating and cooling systems. He subsequently went to work at ‘Timbers,’ a local karaoke bar. Joseph was given the task of keeping the clients entertained because he was an excellent singer. Tonya Harding, who was visiting ‘Timbers’ at the time of his performance, drew his attention as he was performing one of his favorite songs.

Tonya Harding’s relationship

Tonya was fascinated by Joseph’s singing abilities and wanted to learn more about him. Tonya and Joseph dated for a few months before Tonya decided to commit to the relationship. Tonya proposed marriage to Joseph, and he enthusiastically accepted. On June 23, 2010, the couple exchanged vows. Joseph Price was 42 years old at the time of their wedding, and Tonya Harding was 39 years old.

Tonya stated in one of her interviews that she fell in love with Joseph because of his stunning eyes. She went on to say that she had never met anyone as nice as her spouse. Joseph, she believes, loves her for who she is, not what she can do on the ice or how popular she is. Gordon Price, Joseph Price’s son, was born on February 19, 2011, to Tonya and Joseph Price. Tonya and Joseph both agree that their son’s birth is the nicest thing that has ever happened to them. Tonya frequently lends him a hand and assists him in completing his responsibilities. Joseph Jens Price is currently employed as a woodworker.

Personal Experiences of Joseph

Joseph Jens Price, his wife, and their son live in rural Central Oregon. Despite being surrounded by cameras because he is the husband of a celebrity, Joseph manages to avoid the headlines. He prefers to live a regular life and hence keeps his personal life private. Tonya’s third husband is Joseph. In 1990, the former figure skater married Jeff Gillooly for the first time, but they separated three years later. She married Michael Smith in 1995, but the relationship only lasted a year. In 2010, she married Joseph Price.

Tonya fell head over heels in love with Joseph because of his attractive demeanor and humble nature. Tonya’s life was transformed when she finally met her soulmate, and their marriage was a success. Joseph enjoys singing and frequently entertains his wife and son by singing in his home. Joseph and Tonya enjoyed the 2017 biographical film ‘I, Tonya,’ and praised the entire team’s efforts. Margot Robbie’s acting abilities were highly lauded. Tonya was played by Margot in the film.

The net worth of Joseph Jens Price

The estimated net worth of Joseph Jens Price is about $1 million.