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St. Albert, Alberta
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St. Albert, Alberta

Josh Beauchamp is a well-known Canadian singer and dancer who has performed with groups including “Now United” and “ImmaBEAST.” Josh has performed all over the world and amassed a large following of admirers. Josh participated in the first season of the well-known reality competition television series “World of Dance,” which was broadcast on NBC, as a member of the Los Angeles dance group “ImmaBEAST.” He also participated in the reality competition series’ second season, dancing alongside Taylor Hatala. Josh is not only a successful dancer and vocalist, but he also has more than 284,000 followers on Instagram. On other social media sites like Twitter and YouTube, he is also well-liked.

Early Childhood & Life

On March 31, 2000, Joshua Kyle Beauchamp was born in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. He began dancing at an early age, and it quickly became his passion. Josh had always wanted to sing as a child but resisted the impulse frequently out of fear of shame among other factors. He didn’t even discuss his opinions on music with anyone! He continued honing his dance moves in the interim. Josh, who is now 14 years old, traveled across the globe to the United States to enroll in classes at the renowned Movement Lifestyle dancing studio in Los Angeles. Since that time, Josh has made regular trips to Los Angeles, where he collaborates with renowned choreographers.

The career of Josh Beauchamp

As a member of “Movement Lifestyle,” In 2015, Josh Beauchamp was given the chance to join the well-known American dance group “ImmaBEAST.” He then took part in the first season of the well-known reality show “World of Dance,” which was shown on NBC. Josh’s big professional break came when he was chosen to be a member of “Now United.” With 14 dancing and singing members from 14 different nations, “Now United” is one of the most well-known pop music ensembles in the world. Josh made the decision to take singing lessons before trying his luck at the auditions, which paid off when he and 13 other teenagers were ultimately chosen to be a part of the group. Summer in the City, the debut track from “Now United,” was released on December 5, 2017, along with a music video.
Josh has the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of great people as one of the key members of “Now United.” He is also given the opportunity to travel and perform throughout the world. When the much-anticipated second season of NBC’s “World of Dance” premiered in 2018, he went back to the production facilities.

Individual Life of Josh Beauchamp

Josh Beauchamp is good friends with his brothers and parents. Even though he spends the most of the year away from home, he makes an effort to phone his mother every single day. He also has two pet dogs at home named Penelope and Daisy.

Josh is rather active on a number of social media sites, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. His YouTube channel with the same name has more than 17,000 subscribers, compared to more than 9,500 followers on Twitter. His YouTube channel is where he typically uploads his dance videos. He enjoys enormous popularity on Instagram, where he has over 284,000 followers.

Net Worth of Josh Beauchamp

The estimated net worth of Josh Beauchamp is about $1 million.