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The entertaining and unique videos on Josh Leyva’s “YouTube” channels have made him a well-known vlogger in the United States. Almost 2 million people subscribe to Josh’s main channel, where he primarily posts bizarre comedic videos. His comedic videos feature challenges, sketches, and practical jokes. His second channel is dedicated to vlogging only. Josh also has a large number of followers on Instagram. He has also participated in a few acting productions. Also, he gained notoriety following his split from Chachi Gonzales, a dance group member from “I.aM.mE.” Josh and Nikita Dragun, a transgender beauty expert, has become connected.

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Fame on social media

Josh had a passion for performing as a child and aspired to land a role in a major “Hollywood” production. Josh discovered that comedy is his specialty and afterwards used YouTube to display his skills.

YoMuscleBoii, his first channel, features comedic material. By the end of 2012, his channel had acquired its first 50,000 members after the videos on it quickly attracted the interest of many viewers. Almost a million people have watched some of the films, including “Running Into My Ex-Girlfriend,” “My Date to Prom,” “NBA Dunks On My Girlfriend,” and “Driving With A Gay Cholo.” Josh managed to get his mother to appear in the “Teaching My Mum Slang” video, which attracted over a million people. Josh impersonated Zayn Malik, a former member of the English boy band “One Direction,” in one of his comedy sketch videos. Josh mimicked the artist’s facial expressions as he described leaving the band.

Josh started his second YouTube channel in 2013 under the name “yojoshyboii,” which he eventually renamed “Josh Leyva Vlogs.” Several of his travel journals, story times, and question-and-answer videos may be seen on the channel. More than 230 000 people subscribe to it.

He participated in his self-titled reality series in 2011 as himself. Gaylo Returns, 2017 comedy miniseries, was directed and co-written by him.

Josh enjoys a similar level of fame on other social media platforms. Around 530 thousand people follow him on Instagram, and over 100,000 people follow him on Twitter.

Individual Life of Josh Leyva

Josh was born in California on December 27, 1990. Josh Jovanny Leyva is his complete name. With Mark, his younger brother, he grew up. Josh frequently includes his mum in his films.

Josh dated the well-known dancer Olivia Chachi Gonzales for three years. Josh frequently featured Chachi in his videos. They made an announcement about their breakup around the end of 2017. Josh and Chachi each published a back-to-back video explaining how their relationship ended. Many claims that his growing closeness to transgender beauty blogger Nikita Dragun is what led to the breakup. But, neither of them has ever mentioned it in conversation. Josh’s videos have featured Nikita on occasion as well.

The first language Josh learned to speak was Spanish. His proficiency in the language has apparently deteriorated due to a lack of practice.

Josh is a picky eater, but there are some aspects of food that irritate him. If you dare to offer the grape soda to him, he will simply pour the entire bottle of soda on your head. He despises that beverage to that extent. He loves pizza and peanut butter more than anything. When a restaurant only gives Josh a few packets of barbecue sauce along with a sizable bucket of chicken nuggets, Josh feels deceived. Josh no longer frequents McDonald’s in part because of this.

He hates sarcastic thumbs-ups the most. Josh sees himself as the ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ game’s champion. Josh despises spooky movies.

Josh Leyva’s Net Worth

Josh is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Our investigation of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed Josh Leyva’s $5 million net worth.