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Josh Temple is a person you would have undoubtedly run into if you are in a stage of life where playing online games is all you can think about. Josh Temple is unquestionably one of the most popular YouTube stars of this generation, with over 3 million subscribers and an incredible number of views on his channel. Along with posting a variety of gaming videos, this 19-year-old teen also shared a few fan-favorite question-and-answer sessions with his sisters. Josh is affectionately referred to as “Slogoman,” and his main channel also goes by that name. His fame and popularity have grown to such heights that he has collaborated with other well-known YouTubers like Jordi Van den Bussche, also known as “Kwebbelkop,” and Jelle Van Vucht, also known as “Jelly.” Josh also regularly publishes challenges and real-life videos, which draw viewers to his channel for its unrivaled entertainment. Josh Temple has made a name for himself in the world of videos in a matter of only three years and is beloved by millions.

The Skyrocketing Ascent to Freedom

Josh Temple began his life as any other young man who decided to pursue a career in psychology. He loved sports and tried his hand at many other activities, but rugby held a special place in his heart. Josh threw up his love for athletics to pursue a career on YouTube, but fate had other plans for him. He entered the world of videos on August 4, 2013, and ever since then, there has been absolutely no turning back. Temple began his career by releasing mainly GTA gameplay videos, but soon after building a loyal fan base, he began making videos about other games as well. In just three years, he has amassed more than 3 million subscribers on his official YouTube account. Additionally, Temple has over 86 thousand Facebook fans, close to 140 thousand Twitter followers, and 454 thousand Instagram followers. Such sizable fan bases are a testament to his value in the industry and his wonderful fan connection.

Josh Temple’s Special Qualities

Josh’s ability to connect with his audience is demonstrated by the number of subscribers he has amassed in the course of just three years. He connects with the crowd in his own personal way and has a connection with them. He also shares a few films from his daily life so that his followers may see what kind of person he is in real life. Josh also likes dogs a lot and owns two of them, named Poppy and Lily. Millions of people love this dog lover, and she is undoubtedly here to stay.

Past Fame of Josh Temple

Josh Temple is a hugely popular YouTuber, yet he still finds joy in the little things in life. He enjoys visiting various parts of the world and learning more about their cultures. Josh and his YouTube pal Jordi Van den Bussche (Kwebbelkop) visited Switzerland in October 2015. Josh is also a very devoted family man, and their YouTube films together show how much they love their sister Amelia. They make each other laugh and it’s a blast to watch them tug each other’s legs.

Behind The Scenes

On May 16, 1997, Josh Temple was born in England. In college, he majored in phycology and was very passionate about sports, particularly rugby. To start a full-time career as an entrepreneur for his YouTube channel, “Slogoman,” he gave up his love of sports, but his passion for success in the video industry was so intense. He adores his famous Instagram celebrity sister Amelia, who is his sister.

Josh Temple’s Net Worth

Josh Temple’s net worth is $1 million. Josh Temple is an American actor and television personality. The television programs America’s Toughest Jobs in 2008, Disaster House from 2009 to 2010, House Crashers from 2009 to 2014, and Flipping the Block in 2014 are those for which Josh Temple is most known. In addition to Temple, Temple, All Ages Night, and Brother’s Justice all starred. Additionally, he has made guest appearances in episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Will & Grace. He has numerous years of experience working as a licensed contractor. Temple is a native of Merced, California, and a University of California, Santa Barbara graduate.