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Cricket player and social media sensation from South Africa is Joshua Pieters. Josh, as he is more commonly known, has primarily played cricket for the South Western Districts Under-19 cricket side. He now plays the game less frequently and is more concerned with advancing his job in social media. Joshua has two “YouTube” channels that feature a ton of funny videos, challenges, and other types of material. Additionally, he has made an appearance on Caspar Lee, a well-known YouTuber, and his closest buddy. Josh and Caspar frequently work together to provide viewers with entertaining vlogs. Josh is a part of Caspar’s custom clothing brand as well.

Joshua Pieters’s Career

From the outset, Joshua showed an interest in sports. Joshua used to participate in numerous activities. He focused primarily on cricket during his adolescence though. When he was in high school, cricket had gained prominence. Joshua’s only goal at the time was to make the national cricket squad.

His dedication to cricket and hard work earned him a spot on the South Western Districts’ “Under-19” squad. He was chosen as a left-arm fast spinner and batsman. Some of the best teams from other regions played against him. Joshua had high expectations of being chosen for the “National Under-19” squad. He was unable to join the squad, which is unfortunate.

Joshua relocated to the UK and played cricket for the Burslem Cricket Club in Stoke-on-Trent. The following six months saw him perform with the team. He was content and pleased to play the game once more. Additionally, he was paid for the contests.

There, he shared a home with Caspar, his best friend, and they frequently talked about their respective job goals. Joshua returned to Cape Town after six months and proceeded to play cricket there. In order to make ends meet, he concurrently worked at a restaurant and coached young people in cricket.

He relocated to London in 2015 to advance his cricket career. He intended to sign up for a cricket team to gain more publicity. To his dismay, nothing of the sort transpired, and after about a month, his health started to decline. When the doctor gave him the diagnosis of “Glandular Fever” and instructed him to take total rest, his hopes were dashed. On the plus side, this unfortunate circumstance gave Joshua a fresh opportunity.

Job in Social Networking

Joshua spent a lot of time with Caspar as he recovered from his sickness. Caspar had plans to start his own clothing line at the moment. As he saw Joshua as a good match for his endeavor, he extended the invitation for Joshua to join him. Joshua agreed that the concept was quite intriguing.

Joshua made a smart choice by deciding to join Casper. Caspar, a well-known Vlogger himself, began including Joshua in his vlogs. This inspired Joe, Joshua’s housemate and now-famous vlogger, to join them.

Then Joshua started showing up in a number of Caspar and Joe’s individual channel recordings. They primarily produced pranks, challenges, and other amusing films. Joshua decided to launch his own channel once he had fully healed.

After some time, he launched his own YouTube account, which now has over 886 thousand subscribers. Later, he developed a second channel. Joshua also has an Instagram account, where he has over 460 thousand fans thanks to his incredible photos.

Even today, Joshua and Caspar work together to make entertaining films. They teamed up to collect money to aid the fire victims because they are both from Knysna.

Joshua’s Individual Existence

On September 17, 1993, Joshua Pieters was born in Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa. He has a sister called Danielle and a younger brother named Jonty. Joshua attributes his successful YouTube job to Caspar, his best friend. Joshua became a vlogger as a result of his support. Josh first encountered him at the age of 14. Caspar defeated Joshua in a tennis contest.

After their initial encounter, he did not particularly like Caspar. Several days later, Josh ran into Caspar at the school once more. After their initial encounter, any awkwardness vanished quickly, and they quickly became the best of friends. Joshua has now entirely shifted his attention to his job in social media, but he still makes time for cricket, which was after all his first love!

Estimated Net Worth

Josh is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. According to our research, Josh Pieters has a net worth of $5 million, as reported by Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider.