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Australian artist, YouTuber, and businessman Josiah Brooks. His main YouTube channel, titled “Draw with Jazza,” is where he primarily posts drawing tutorials and instructional videos. Additionally, he manages three additional feeds on the platform: “Jazza Studios,” “Josiah Brooks Music,” and “Daily Jazza.” While Brooks’ music videos and other intriguing videos can be found on the first two of these channels, his daily vlogs can be found on the third channel. The most well-known of these YouTube accounts, when it comes to popularity, is Draw with Jazza. This station has been the most important to the artist’s success on the social media platform, with more than 2.7 million subscribers and more than 3 billion views. His other channels, Daily Jazza, Jazza Studios, and Josiah Brooks Music, have racked up respectable member counts as well. Entrepreneur Brooks manages his own website, The Australian YouTuber lives peacefully in Moe, Victoria, with his son, with whom he has a son.

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The “Jazza Studios” program was established by Josiah Brooks in 2007. He started his channel JosiahBrooksmusic three years afterward. He has been posting his music recordings on it ever since. Both covers and original tracks written by Brooks are featured on this channel.

The YouTuber then launched his primary account, “Draw with Jazza,” on March 27, 2012. On the channel, he publishes sketching instructions, quick paintings, contests, streams, and other things. As of May 2018, this channel had over 2.7 million followers.

Through this channel, one can pick up drawing and painting skills, watch documentaries, participate in art challenges, watch interviews with artists, get motivational advice, and learn about various art-related goods. The “Stationary Art Challenge,” “Art with Permanent Markers,” and “Turning Words into Pictures – Text to Art Challenge” are some of the finest videos he has posted.

The Simpsons and Rick and Morty – Style SWAP Challenge is the title of one of his most recent movies posted to the “Draw with Jazza” YouTube channel. The film, which was released on April 24, 2018, shows some well-known cartoon characters competing in a swap challenge.

On May 2, 2016, the Aussie YouTuber “Daily Jazza” debuted his vlog channel. This channel, which has more than 224k subscribers, chronicles Brooks’ everyday activities as a YouTuber, artist, streamer, businessman, author, and family man. His son’s daily routines are also shown on this channel. The recordings on this specific channel offer a more detailed look into Brooks’ private life.

Josiah’s Individual Existence

Australia welcomed Josiah Brooks into the world on April 20, 1989. Shad M. Brooks, who is also a YouTuber, is his sibling. Additionally, he has a kid, who frequently appears in his YouTube videos. He hasn’t provided any information about his son’s mother.

Estimated Net Worth

The estimated range of Josiah Brooks’ net wealth or income is $5 million. From his main line of work, he has amassed such riches.