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Haymarket, Virginia

Because of the Internet, it is now relatively simple for musicians from all different backgrounds to become overnight stars. Some musicians seek to have a strong long-term career by effectively utilizing social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, rather than only concentrating on instant fame. JT Church is one such musician that skillfully made use of all the current social media platforms to increase his fame. He is a talented young man who showed an early interest in dancing. As he was born in Virginia, there weren’t many dance studios where he could polish his dancing abilities (unlike in Hollywood). He so began studying dancing at home. At just five years old, he began displaying expert dancing abilities. His parents eventually sent him to the renowned but pricey Gainesville Dance Center after becoming convinced of his ability. He immediately began competing in various regional dancing contests held by nearby colleges and schools. But it wasn’t until he competed in and earned a spot on a well-known dancing-focused reality television program that he became famous.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

JT Church’s reputation received a significant boost when he won some of the most renowned dance competitions in the USA, such as NUVO Mini Male Breakout Artist before he became famous by competing in some of the most popular TV dance competitions. But in 2016, when he was accepted into the acclaimed “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation” TV reality show, which was aired on the Fox Television network, he experienced a breakthrough in his professional life. It was a part of the “So You Think You Can Dance” franchise (13th season). During the auditions, JT Church took part and was one of the ten dancers chosen for the show.

In the competition, he danced alongside another up-and-coming dancer named Robert Roldan. He performed admirably in each episode of the program and received high praise from the judges. He came in second place after losing in the show’s championship round. JT Church became one of America’s most gifted young dancers despite losing in the finals. He has a promising future, according to several commentators, because of his patience and persistence in dance.

Why JT Church Is So Unique?

It is only natural to wonder what makes JT Church unique in this day and age when there are so many fly-by-night dancing stars that are just flashes in the pan rather than having any sort of long-term professional goals. His ability to master some of the most challenging dance techniques at a young age sets him apart from other dancing celebrities of his generation. He is able to fight even against some of the celebrities who are much older than him because of this. The second thing that sets him apart from his contemporaries is his emphasis on a dancing style called jazz, which isn’t very popular these days.

Past Fame of JT Church

JT Church is too young to have any affairs because he is just ten years old. He has also shied away from any and all career-related controversies. While competing in TV dance competitions, he is believed to have gotten along well with both his dancing partners and other celebrities. JT displays a lot of enthusiasm in philanthropic endeavors despite his youth. He took part in the “20th Annual Dancing for a Cure” charity dance event that was held in 2014 to help breast cancer patients. There have also been appearances by other ‘So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation’ cast members. The event was a huge success and contributed significantly to the money raised for breast cancer sufferers.

Behind The Scenes

JT Church had a wonderful upbringing because of his loving siblings and devoted parents. His mother Leslie and father John both work in real estate and are well-off by Virginia standards. JT Church’s parents sent him to the Gainesville Dancing Center in Virginia after noticing his interest in dance. The Center is the largest dance training facility in Virginia and its alumni list includes some of the top dancers in the country. However, the institute is incredibly pricey. After studying there, he had a great start in dancing. Bradley Church, who is his brother, skateboards and has no interest in dance. But he constantly supports his younger brother in pursuing a career in dance.

Estimated net worth

His estimated US net worth is $500,000. His pay as a dancer ranges from 18 to $161 thousand US dollars.

The prize money for Dancing With the Stars’ winner ranges from $345k to $360k US.

His annual profits from his YouTube channel range from $37 to $593 US.


JT Church was selected as the 2016 NUVO Mini Male Breakout Artist.