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Juan Jose Flores was Ecuador’s first president, serving the country three times in that capacity. Flores was the illegitimate child of a Spanish merchant, who abandoned him and his mother when he was a child, and he spent his childhood in poverty. Flores was born in Venezuela and grew up in abject poverty, with no opportunity to obtain an education. He worked in a hospital until the age of 14, at which point he enlisted in the Spanish Royalist Army. His stint in the army was successful, but after being captured by the patriot army, he rejoined and once again demonstrated his extraordinary abilities as a heroic soldier by assisting the army in winning key battles against the Spanish Royalist Army. His life, however, changed dramatically in 1830, when he was installed as Ecuador’s supreme leader and later became the country’s first president. Throughout his three terms as president, he had numerous clashes with members of Congress, and it was partly as a result of these clashes that his government was overthrown following a rebellion.

Childhood & Adolescence

Juan Jose Flores was born in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela, on July 19, 1800, to Juan Jose Aramburu and Rita Flores Bohoroques. He was born to an illegitimate mother. Flores’ father was a prosperous Spanish merchant who abandoned the family and returned to Spain.

Juan Jose Flores grew up in abject poverty after his father abandoned him when he was a child; his mother could not afford to send him to school, and the young Flores worked in a Spanish military school to support his family.

Juan Jose Flores enlisted in the Spanish Royalist Army as a private when he was 15 years old. He served under General Pablo Morillo, who was tasked with the task of destroying all of South America’s patriot armies fighting for independence.

Career of Juan

Juan Jose Flores impressed everyone with his diligence, loyalty, and heroism while serving as a private in the Spanish Royalist Army. He quickly rose to the rank of sergeant, but was captured by the enemy in 1817. He identified with the cause of liberating the region from Spanish rule during his imprisonment and joined Simon Bolivar’s patriot army.

Juan Jose Flores demonstrated his abilities as a heroic soldier and battle strategist after joining the patriot army, as he assisted the army in winning numerous battles. The Battle of Carabobo in 1821 was a particularly notable victory for Flores’ army, and he was quickly promoted to Colonel. He later became the city of Pasto’s Commandant General.

Ecuador was liberated on May 13, 1830, and Juan Jose Flores was installed as the country’s supreme chief. Flores was appointed provisional president on August 14, 1830, and a month later, the constituent assembly at Riobamba confirmed him as Ecuador’s elected president.

Juan Jose Flores became Ecuador’s first president, but his first term was particularly trying, ending on September 10, 1834, after four years. During that term, he was forced to put down a rebellion led by Luis Urdaneta, and he later faced opposition from fellow Ecuadorian congressman Vicente Rocafuerte, who sought the presidency. Flores mediated a peace by agreeing to make Rocafuerte the next president in exchange for his appointment as army chief.

Throughout his first term as President of Ecuador, Juan Jose Flores was forced to defend the country against Columbian invasion, and the Columbians were decisively defeated on January 18, 1835, after two battles.

Juan Jose Flores began his second term as President of Ecuador on February 1, 1839, and throughout his four-year tenure, he worked to promote peace and social justice. Flores enlisted the military in Nueva Granada at the request of the Columbian government, but the operation was largely unpopular.

Flores was elected president for the third time on April 1, 1843, following the annulment of Ecuador’s constitution, but his tenure was brief, as his government was deposed two years later by a rebellion. Vicente Rocafuerte, along with future President Vicente Ramon Roca, was one of the rebellion’s leaders. Flores attempted to invade Ecuador with the assistance of the Spanish and French royal families, but his efforts were unsuccessful.

Significant Works of Juan

Although Juan Jose Flores will always be remembered as Ecuador’s first president, his work with Simon Bolivar’s patriot army will always be his most significant contribution to an illustrious military career.

Personal History and Legacies

Juan Jose Flores married Dona Mercedes Jijon, a member of a noble family. Antonio Flores Jijon was born in 1833 to the couple.

Juan Jose Flores died of uremia on October 1, 1864 on Puna Island in Ecuador. At the time, he was under house arrest.

Estimated Net Worth

The net worth of Juan is about $11million.