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Julianne Phillips is an American actress and former model who retired from show business in the late 1990s after starring in numerous films and television shows throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Julianne, who was born in Chicago and reared in Oregon, had an ambition of becoming a model since she was a teenager. Her modeling career began in the early 1980s, and her captivating beauty rapidly established her as one of the industry’s top models. She soon began appearing in TV movies, including ‘Summer Fantasy’ and ‘His Mistress.’ It was the early 1980s, and she was largely playing the part of a seductress in her films, with no real acting or character development. She continued to act until 1997, when she announced her retirement from the industry. Apart from her modeling and acting career, Julianne is also known for her marriage to Bruce Springsteen, which lasted only a few years and was so painful for Bruce that he devoted many songs from his 1987 album ‘Tunnel of Love’ to her. Julianne became one of the most controversial people in the industry as a result of her love affair, which was the topic of headlines in the entertainment press at the time.

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Childhood and Adolescence

Julianne Phillips was born on May 6th, 1960, in a middle-class Chicago family to an insurance broker father and a housewife mother. Julianne was the youngest of six children in a profoundly devout family who followed Roman church customs, and she was the most loved and pampered of the children, despite the fact that she was ‘not entirely in love with the idea of god and religion as a kid.’

Julianne was born in Oregon, and she was reared there as well, graduating from Lake Oswego High School and earning a bachelor’s degree from Brooks College. She wasn’t exactly a studious child, and she was more interested in things other than academics. Her other siblings studied hard, but she was sporty and enjoyed sports.

She freely proclaimed her ambition to be a model as a teenager, and despite her parents’ objections, she came to Manhattan to pursue her dream of becoming a model. In the back of her mind, she knew that without any connections, making it as an actor or a model would be incredibly difficult, but she decided to give it a shot nonetheless, and as fate would have it, she succeeded.

Career of Julianne

Because of her raw appearance and outstanding self-confidence, Manhattan welcomed her with open arms. She began working for Elite Modeling Agency when she was 22 years old, and although facing financial difficulties in her early days in the new city, she quickly began making USD 2000 per day, which was a significant achievement for her.
Modeling firms referred to her as a “perfect ten package,” and she worked with nearly all of the major modeling agencies in New York City.

She continued modeling for a few more years, and by that time, her fame had spread throughout New York, and she realized that modeling was not a vocation she could sustain for long, so she relocated to Los Angeles to try her luck as an actress. When she moved to New York City, she looked for acting jobs and got her first break in the shape of a music video called ‘.38 Special.’ She earned the part because of her modeling picture shoots, not because of her acting abilities.

She began applying for jobs in films and television, with a focus on television due to its ease of entry into the entertainment industry. In 1984, she landed her first acting job in the TV movie ‘Summer Fantasy,’ and a few years later, she landed another role in the film ‘His Mistress.’ She played a seductress in both parts, and critics slammed her for being “simply a showpiece.” – Julianne seemed unconcerned by the criticism and shrugged it off.

After seeing her in one of the films, famous artist Bruce Springsteen approached her and offered her a role in his music video for the single ‘Glory Days,’ laying the groundwork for a developing connection between the two, and the couple married in 1985, but the romance didn’t last long. Julianne’s career was unaffected by this, and she continued to appear in films like ‘Odd Jobs,’ ‘Sweet Lies,’ and ‘Skin Deep’ for the rest of the 1980s. When casting for the TV show ‘Sisters’ opened, she was one of the actors considered for the lead part.

She was offered the show in 1990, and it went on to become one of her most successful acting endeavours, receiving great ratings from audiences and being regarded as one of the best shows of the 1990s. Julianne portrayed the role of a businesswoman who is unconcerned about anything else in her life in the episode. This immediately became one of the most popular TV shows of its day, and Julianne’s acting abilities were showcased for the first time, garnering plaudits for her performance. She was a part of the show till it ended in 1996. The series lasted four seasons.

Julianne was at the pinnacle of her career, with several film and television offers pouring in. However, she had grown tired of the profession, and after two more pictures in the late 1990s, such as ‘Allie and Me’ and ‘Colin Fitz Lives,’ she eventually bid farewell to the movies. Her most recent acting job was in the television movie ‘Tidal Waves: No Escape.’ Julianne took a sabbatical from acting for an extended period of time, but she never left the entertainment industry.

She appears on occasion and was seen in 2001 in ‘Intimate Portrait,’ a biographical documentary about Sela Ward, one of her ‘Sisters’ co-stars. Julianne Phillips’ next public appearance was in 2014 for a special edition of Entertainment Weekly, when she was joined by her ‘Sisters’ co-stars. Later, the show was broadcast on NBC.

Personal Experiences of Julianne

Julianne Phillips met Bruce Springsteen, a well-known artist at the height of his success at the time, in the early 1980s, while she was attempting to break into the profession. Bruce and she met while working on one of Bruce’s music videos, and that was the start of their romance, which led to their marriage in 1985. But things were never right for them, as conflicts arose immediately after their marriage, and the media, enamored with the couple, began covering every minor detail that arose as a result of their differences.

After several years of trying to hold on to their damaged marriage, they both divorced in 1989. The divorce drew as much media attention as the marriage, and the divorce settlement amount was revealed to be a stunning USD 30 million. Julianne was claimed to be dissatisfied with the marriage and to have broken Bruce’s heart, which provided the groundwork for Bruce’s incredibly dramatic album, ‘Tunnel of Love,’ released in 1987. The majority of the tracks on the album were thought to be dedicated to their tragic love affair.

However, Bruce’s autobiography, ‘Born to Run,’ painted a quite different picture. Bruce said that he was too preoccupied with making music to be ready for a meaningful relationship, and that Julianne had made a mistake by falling in love with him. Julianne has had relationships with celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan and Bryan Kestner since Bruce’s death. In Los Angeles, she lives in a mansion.

Estimated Net Worth

Julianne Phillips is a $30 million dollar model and actress from the United States. Julianne Phillips grew raised in Lake Oswego, Oregon, after being born in Chicago, Illinois.