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Naples, Italy

Kára McCullough is a beauty queen from the United States who is presently Miss USA 2017. She won the Miss USA 2017 pageant as a representation of the District of Columbia, defeating contestants such as Chhavi Verg of New Jersey and Meridith Gould of Minnesota. Now, the lovely young girl will compete in the Miss Universe 2017 pageant to represent the United States. McCullough, the daughter of a now-retired United States Navy Chief Petty Officer, has always been confident and calm. Her family moved frequently due to her father’s business, and she has lived in various places throughout the world, including Sicily, Japan, South Korea, and Hawaii. Exposure to numerous civilizations and contact with people from other locations broadened her worldview and instilled in her a passion for different cultures. She was an excellent student from the start, earning a Bachelor of Science degree from South Carolina State University. She also explored modeling and participated in beauty pageants as a student. She rose to prominence as a beauty queen after being elected Miss District of Columbia USA in 2017 and representing her state in the Miss USA 2017 competition. Outgoing Miss USA 2017 Deshauna Barber crowned Kára McCullough Miss USA 2017 on May 14, 2017.

Childhood and Adolescence

Kára McCullough was born in Naples, Italy, to American parents Betty Ann Parker and Artensel E. McCullough Sr. on September 9, 1991. At the time of her birth, her father was a member of the United States Marine Corps.

The family relocated frequently due to her father’s business, which required him to travel all over the world. As a result, young Kára was able to reside in a variety of locations, including Sicily, South Korea, Japan, and Hawaii. Her family afterward relocated to Virginia Beach.

She was an intelligent young lady who excelled in school. She excelled in the sciences and was academically intelligent.

She attended South Carolina State University after graduating from high school and majored in chemistry with a specialization in radiochemistry, eventually earning a Bachelor of Science degree.

She was as beautiful and graceful as she was intelligent, and she frequently competed in beauty pageants. She has also crowned Miss South Carolina State University for the 75th time.

Kára had a multi-faceted personality and was a student member of the American Chemical Society, the Health Physics Society, and the American Nuclear Society.

The Career of Kara

Kára McCullough obtained work as a radiochemist with the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission after finishing her studies.

Despite her high-profile work, she continued to compete in beauty pageants, placing first runner-up in the Miss District of Columbia USA competition in 2015 and 2016.

Not one to give up easily, she entered the competition again in 2017, this time winning the title of Miss District of Columbia USA 2017. Deshauna Barber, the current titleholder, crowned her.

Miss USA 2017 is a pageant held annually in the United States.

Kára McCullough, Miss District of Columbia USA 2017, was the state’s representative at the Miss USA 2017 competition.

She was one of more than 50 contenders from throughout the country competing for the coveted national title in the pageant.

Kára McCullough, who is tall, gorgeous, and graceful, breezed through the preliminary rounds with ease. Even when the competition became more intense and the majority of the contenders were eliminated, she remained unfazed.

She was hailed as a favorite from the start as one of the most confident women in the competition. She not only wowed the crowd with her beauty and grace, but she also won the judges over with her thoughtful responses to their questions.

She made it to the top five after completing multiple rounds of the competition. At this point, she had to compete against other well-known competitors such as Chhavi Verg of New Jersey and Meridith Gould of Minnesota.

During the pageant, McCullough garnered a lot of press for comparing feminism with “man-hatred” and for saying that health care is a privilege for the working class, not a right. She was also chastised and praised for her decision to compete with her natural hair.

Kára McCullough was crowned Miss USA 2017 by the departing titleholder, Deshauna Barber, also from the District of Columbia, following multiple rounds of questions and answers in the final phases of the competition.

She will compete in the Miss Universe 2017 competition for the United States.

Achievements & Awards

Kára McCullough has been inducted into the National Society of Black Engineers and the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Personal History and Legacy

Kára McCullough is a socially aware individual. She is a participant in the Science Exploration for Kids community outreach program (SE4K).

The program’s key features include interactive science exercises as well as math and science tutoring for children in grades 6 through 11.

McCullough hopes that by doing so, he will increase public awareness of science and encourage more children to choose science as a career.

Estimated Net worth

Kara’s main source of income is as a pageant contestant. We now lack sufficient information about his family, relationships, childhood, and other aspects of his life. We will provide an update as soon as possible.

In 2019, he is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.